Worlds Largest Toy Museum and Harold Bell Wright- Review

Worlds Largest Toy Museum

When Rhonda and I drove by the Toy Museum, it isn't exactly something you can miss.  As you can see from the photo below.

It is very eye popping and eye catching!  Any child would see it and think instantly, "STOP!"  Tom Beck was nice enough to have us in to check out the museum!  It was a fun little stop.  We reminisced about days gone by looking at some of the toys that we had...and some toys that we assume our parents had.  There were toys dated back even further than my grandparents.  Some of the toys had dates on them...but not all, but it was neat to see the ages of the toys, and sometimes even little stories to go along with them.

 I really enjoyed looking at the miniatures that they had set up.  Both Rhonda and I were thinking that setting those up would be a fun job!  They had a several buildings set up.  Our dad would LOVE that!
 It was really neat seeing the toys that we had forgotten about Troll Dolls, or Pez Dispensers, etc.  There was probably just about every toy imaginable in that building.  It was jam packed from floor to ceiling in display cases full of toys!  Be sure to "like" them on facebook.

Within the same building is the Harold Bell Wright museum.  Harold Bell Wright is the author of Shepherd of the Hills and also That Printer of Udell's.  That is the book that brought Ronald Reagan to know Christ  (click here to see the letter).  In fact, the museum has a Presidential Stationary with a note on it thanking Harold Bell Wrights daughter in law for her father in law who wrote that book and brought him to know Christ.

There were all sorts of goodies from the life and times of Harold Bell Wright in this museum.  If you are a fan of his, or if you become a fan of his by reading his books, this is the museum that you would want to go to.  And by the way, you can get a Kindle copy of Shepherd of the Hills on Amazon right now!

 The time we spent there was very interesting.  I have never been to a toy museum and I had never heard of Harold Bell Wright until I got to Branson.  So, it was very informative!  If you are a lover of toys, this would be a place you might like to visit!

*I received a free visit in order for my honest review.  No compensation was given.


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