Best Western, Center Pointe Inn, Branson, MO Review

Best Western
Center Pointe
Branson, Missouri

The Best Western, Center Pointe in Branson, Missouri was very hospitable and is in a great location!  When we were in Branson, this was the hotel we stayed at.
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I was very surprised to see the Bible open to Psalms when we got there.  I know Hotels have Bibles in the drawers usually....but this was the first time I saw a bible open on the table.  I thought that was outstanding.  I noticed this throughout Branson, there were either verses hanging up somewhere, or bibles open, nobody was afraid to talk about God, or their relationship with Christ.  It is a badge of honor throughout Branson it seems.  I thought that was SO awesome!  I wish more places were like that.  I loved it!
They also had a goodie bag ready for me and a towel shaped into...what I think was supposed to have been a swan.  I thought it was so neat!!
We would get back to the hotel fairly late every night, so we didn't get to use the pool much at all.  ONE night we got back around 11....and the pool area was open until midnight.  My sister wanted to sit in the hot tub and I didn't want to make her go alone.  So I headed down there with her.  She got in the hot tub, and I got in the pool.  The pool water was really warm, but I ended up in the hot tub relaxing.  :-)  We only stayed about 45 minutes.  But it was a relaxing 45 minutes.  This hotel actually has 2 pools.  One is an outdoor pool, which still had water in it, then the indoor pool.
Every morning from 6:30-9:30 they had a very tasty and filling breakfast!  I love the hotel waffles.  I need to get me one of those waffle makers!  They had eggs, biscuits and gravy, waffles (regular and blueberry), sausage patties, sausage links, different cereals, yogurts, bagels and cream cheese, donuts, milk, orange juice, apple juice, hard boiled eggs, etc.  It was a FULL breakfast!  Fantastic!

The people at the Best Western, Center Pointe Inn in Branson were so nice too.  They were very knowledgable and would go out of your way to make you comfortable.  I would suggest this hotel to couples, and even couples with children.

The rooms were average size, but we did have two sinks and two beds...that was all we needed!  :-)  We never had time for TV or anything like that.  Our room had a fridge in them, coffee maker with coffee, and a it was fully loaded up.

The location was perfect!  You honestly can't beat it I don't think.  We were right there on Hwy 76 which is the main strip through town.  We were right next to the Titanic, and just across and down the street about 100 feet was the Hollywood Wax museum.  So we did do a lot of walking this weekend...but so worth it.  This is a very centrally located hotel.

If I could say anything at all, it would be that we had to go to the second floor (we were on the third floor), for ice...and the elevator was broken all weekend long.  No biggie....we needed the exercise, but it did make the trek down to the car with all of our luggage a little bit difficult when we were leaving.

*I was given no compensation for this post, only lodging to give my honest review!*


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