Premier Exteriors Review

Premier Exteriors

Premier Exteriors is a fantastic company.  Here is a bit of what they do.

Decks and Porches
Roofing and Repair
They'll do Skylights, doors, name it!  They can do it!  They are a multi talented company who have awesome work ethic and fabulous customer service.

If you ever need anything done, be sure to contact Gabe Frost at 402-679-6000 or his cell at 402-527-8180.  He will hook you up and make sure you tell him that Tonya sent you over!

Let me tell you a little bit about the company:
They have two different websites.  One for home owners, and one for business owners.
They are at 4780 S. 131st St., Set #139 in Omaha, NE.
Gabe's e-mail address is

Let me tell you a little bit about my experience:
Our roof was HORRIBLE!  We moved in here almost 6 years ago.  The roof was fine then.  About 3 years ago, it started to curl.  It got worse and worse and worse.  I made a claim, but the insurance adjustor told me to wait until the next hail storm as we get them frequently in the spring here.  So I waited.  In the mean time, we had to switch insurance companies and the new company did not want to insure our roof.  2 weeks later we had a nasty hailstorm.  We were looking at having to pay $10,000 out of pocket to get our roof fixed!  I had a thought....I called my agent and she told me to call the old insurance as the damage to the roof happened well before the hail.  I called them, and they agreed to cover the roof!  Thank the good Lord!!!  

We had a company agree to do our roof...however, they were afraid with how bad the roof looked, that we would need all new sheeting which the insurance wouldn't cover.  All new sheeting would run us about $5,000 out of pocket.  We just simply didn't have it.  We asked them to "carry" a loan for us, but they would not.  I told them I didn't think we would need ANY new sheeting.....I'll tell you why I thought that in a second.  They didn't care, they didn't want to take the chance.  Understandable I guess.

I didn't think we would need sheeting because I found out from our neighbor, who is a contractor, that our roof was replaced the summer that we moved in.  We've been here only 5.5 years at that point.  The roof wasn't even a full 6 years old!  Why did it look so bad?  Well...we found out that the shingles used were defective, and were part of a class action law suit.  

We got ahold of Premier Exteriors.  They came out immediately, quoted us an even better price and said they would work with us in anyway possible if we needed sheeting...which Gabe agreed, didn't look like we would need any.

They came out a short week later, did the roof in one long day, and did it well.  I was very impressed with their professionalism and their communication.  If you EVER need anything done to your house, I believe that Premier has the best prices, definitely the best customer service and they will work with you in anyway possible.  They have a great rating with the Better Business Bureau and they are LOCAL.  Which, when hail storms and roofers come out of the woodwork from ALL over.  
Here are some pictures of the roof prior to getting it fixed.

It doesn't look only 5 years old does it???

Now here are the after pictures.  I didn't climb up on the roof this time for the pictures, but you can see a big difference!  They were SO easy to work with too.  If you use them, please let them know that TONYA FILLEMAN reffered you...and ask to work with Gabe Frost!  Let me know if you use them!!  I know you'll be happy!

*I received no compensation for this post.  The opinions are all my own*


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