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Castle Rock Resort and Waterpark, Branson Review

Castle Rock Resort and Waterpark, Branson

My family and I had the awesome opportunity to stay at and review Castle Rock Resort and Waterpark in Branson.  We had a great time.  I'm going to tell you a little bit about it, then I'll let my 12 year old Jake tell you more!
The theme of the resort is of course, Castle Rock.  Therefore, the look was some what castle and rock like on the outside AND on the inside.  For example our counter top in our room was rock looking, the shower was likewise.
Our rooms were fairly spacious.  There were 6 of us so we needed a fair amount of space and for the most part, we had it.  The room had 2 queen beds and 1 set of bunk beds.  Perfect for sleeping arrangements.  The bunk bed room also had its own tv which was very nice.  We didn't' have a lot of arguing over who watched what anymore...although there were times that both rooms were watching the same thing anyway!  :-)

The view from our window was quite nice.  And honestly it was a nice qu…

Cox Urgent Care, Branson

I am not going to have MaKenna write this post.  Her and Cam were the two kids that got to frequent this Urgent Care while we were away.  Thanks to Tiffany from the Branson Tourism Center for referring us to Cox Health Urgent Care!
Given that we were at an Urgent Care, it was a good experience.  The staff was all so very nice, understanding, patient and compassionate.  I can't say enough about the staff on that Thursday and Saturday.  The front office staff were the same people each day and so when I walked in, they recognized me and mentioned that I was back again.  It felt like home....even though home was an 8 hour drive away.  It was a very friendly atmosphere.
Heaven forbid you EVER have to go to an Urgent Care or ER when you are away from home...but if you do...and you are in the Branson/Springfield area, I would highly suggest Cox Health...and definitely this particular Urgent Care!
Thanks to all of the staff that helped MaKenna and Cam!
Read below for more info on Cox Hea…

Titanic Review from a Child's Perspective

Titanic - Branson
I am going to let MaKenna write this post too.  She absolutely adores Titanic and all it is.  She has watched the movie with me a few times (I forwarded through the naughty moments with Kate Winslet and Leo), and we have several picture books of the Titanic (I am a fan too), and I have had Polar the Titanic Bear book since before I even had kids.  So she has had a lot of exposure to it.  The boys on the other hand?  Yeah...its cool...but whatever, is their response.  :-)  So....without further ado...I give you...MAKENNA!
Hi!  My name is MaKenna and I LOVE the Titanic!  When mom said we were going to Titanic in Branson, I almost wet my pants!  I was so excited! I didn't care that I didn't feel good still!  Mom and I have watched the movie and documentary things and read books...I know a lot about Titanic!  Here we are.  Major was throwing a fit.  What's new? Here is the Titanic.  Isn't she pretty?
I was sad.  They wouldn't let us take pictures inside.…