Branson Tracks Review

Branson Tracks
My sister and I have kids.  Between the 2 of us, we have 7 kids that range in age from 14 to 5.  You would think that would give us plenty of time to play...but we are always letting them play...and they have cousins and siblings, so they always play together.  Now...I have played with my kids...not as much as I'd like, but I have played.  My sister on the other hand has not.  She had NEVER done Lazer Tag until this time in Branson!  So this was quite the treat for us!

Branson Tracks is REALLY unique!  There are 4 track locations which all take "credits" to ride or play.  We were able to get a wrist band that was good all day.  We could go to any of the parks and use our wrist band.  Each location is a little bit different.  The tracks are different, there are different ride attractions, different arcade games, one has lazer tag, another has batting cages, a couple have mini golf.  Just various things at each track.  Be sure to go to their website here, for more information.

Before we move on though...I have to do a shout out to the Branson Police.  So they are doing their jobs.  I get that....but, this poor person was pulled over in the DRIVE THRU lane of Andy's Custard Shop.  Seems a little doesn't it?  Maybe ask him to pull around....not ticket him in the drive thru lane?  Anyway...there you have it...
 I do have to give a shout out to Andy's Custard too!  YUMMY YUMMY!!!  We had that when we were done at the tracks and it was DELICIOUS!  So smooth and creamy!  Can't beat it!  If you ever see one, pull over and get yourself some custard!  :-)
 We started at Track 4, this is the track that had the High Rise Track!  Here are some pictures.

 Now, that drop doesn't look bad.....but, when you are up there in a little go is pretty extreme.  That is the best part though.  You drive around in a circle to get to the top, then WHAM....before you know it you are airborne!  Ever so little....but you are definitely airborne when you start your descent!  I  have never used my brakes on any go kart I've ever been on....but I was frantically trying to brake going down those hills.  I don't think the brakes worked!  It was crazy!

Inside there is the largest Connect 4 game board I've ever seen!  Very cool!
 Then we went the kiddie area.  They had a little ferris wheel, mini go karts and other fun things for the little people to do!  It looked like a lot of fun for little people!  But, the Sky Coaster.....ohhh...I SOOO wanted to go on that, but they only start it after 5pm, and we had somewhere to be.  It runs about $25 or $30 I think he said....but I think it would be worth it!  If you go on it, or one similar, let me know what you think!

 This Track #4 also had bumper boats which we didn't ride, and bumper cars which we also didn't ride....our necks were DONE from all of the jostling we did at Silver Dollar City...we didn't need any more bumping!

 Right across the street was Ripley's Believe it or well as one of the Branson Water Towers!  It made for a cool picture!
 We decided to try out the Classic Race Car Track!  That was a lot of fun!
 Then on to mini-golf.  We did the mini-golf at Track #4.  It was fun...but honestly, I've never been a fan of any type of golf.  But, being with my sister made it fun!  Yes....she beat me...

 Right next to Track #4 was the Helicopter Tours!  I wanted to do that too...but Rhonda wouldn't go with me....

 After golf it was time to go check out Track #5 for Laser Tag!  Like I said, Rhonda had NEVER done Laser Tag!  I knew I would beat the pants off of her!  It was just her and I!  We had a ton of fun....we were getting our exercise!
 She had so much fun that when we were done, she wanted to go again!  She kept talking about how much fun Laser Tag was! luck would have it, she beat my defense I think my gun was not working properly....but, whatever.  It is what it is!  :-)  I would never admit that I let my big sister beat me twice in one day at two different sports.  I am the athletic one!!  :-)

So, we had a great time at Branson Tracks!  I think it is really neat how you can go from park to park and do whatever you want throughout the day.  Although, if you didn't drive, it wouldn't be as much fun because you'd have to walk from place to place, but it was a lot of fun!  I would recommend it for a fun family day activity!

*I was given no compensation for this post.  Only a free day pass to try out and give my honest opinion*


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