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Leaving for the Dominican Republic!

HI GUYS!!!!!!! First off, I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping out financially for Cam and my trip to the Dominican Republic! You guys have NO idea HOW helpful you all were!!!! I am SO humbled and appreciative of your financial support and prayers!!!! If there is EVER I can do for ANY of you, please let me know! Until then, I have kept each one of you and your families in my prayers.

That said, I am letting you all know that we are leaving first thing tomorrow (Thursday the 21st) morning!! We are VERY excited….but also a bit anxious! Okay…A LOT anxious. I can’t fib…my dad is reading this….he knows how much of a basket case I have been! It isn’t so much even the trip as it is the preparation for the trip….making sure I have everything I need for myself and Cam, etc. You know…if we are going on vacation somewhere and forget something, we go to the nearest Walmart….if I forget something on this trip, I just have to do without and that scares me!! On our packing list it said, “Toi…