Larry the Cable Guy Review

Recently I was invited to attend a Larry the Cable Guy show by Omaha Performing Arts.  Who doesn't love Larry the Cable Guy?  I am from Arizona, and I can remember very clearly when he came to town with the Blue Collar Comedy Tour!  He was my favorite of the 4!  Then I moved to Nebraska and found out this was his home state!  Then everytime I watched him, I noticed he always had an "N" necklace or an "N" baseball cap on!  I started feeling like having Nebraska fever myself!  His kids were born in Lincoln, just down the road....and he always attends Nebraska football games!  He seemed like just one of the good guys!  And I was right.  After attending his show, he has shown me yet again, that he is...just one of the good guys!  He is very transparent, friendly and down to earth!  At the end of the show he even stayed extra long to answer questions for people.  He even gave his two cents on politics,  the military and a few other things that made me want to stand up and yell "AMEN"!  Those things he waited until the end of the show to talk about...but it didn't stop a lady from getting angry and walking out.  That is her own loss though.

His show opened with Reno Collier.

Have you ever heard Reno?  He is pretty funny.  He is a little dirty for my taste....but not terrible.  I've heard some pretty awful comedians as far as language and content goes....and his wasn't as clean as I would have liked it...but it wasn't bad.  I've heard worse.  And he was funny.  I hadn't really heard of him before, but I had SEEN him.  As soon as he came on stage, I knew I had seen him somewhere before!

Then Larry came out.  He wasn't as clean as Mater from Cars either...but I guess I shouldn't have expected that!  He wasn't bad though.  A few sexual innuendoes and some language....but I could handle it.  Now...would I want my 9 year old daughter to hear his stand up?  Probably not.  I only say 9 year old daughter because there was a 9 year old girl there.  Larry is FABULOUS...he is FUNNY...he is DOWN TO EARTH....and he is fairly clean for a comedian....but, with the mild language and mild sexual innuendos...I wouldn't want my 9 year old to be there.  When he found out she was there, he apologized to her and her mom!  

He seems like the kind of guy that would be a lot of fun to be around and like someone you could easily get to know and would be very personable!  What a fun person to live with too!  I can only imagine!  The show lasted about 2 hours....then like I said, he stayed a little longer to answer audience questions.  He did have to get on the bus though to get the big Nebraska - Michigan State game was the next day!  He couldn't be tired for that!         

I would have loved to have gotten to meet him!  I think he and my husband Jeff who is also a redneck (no offense Larry), would get along fabulously!

If you ever get a chance to see him in person, I would suggest it!  And if you haven't seen any of his movies, by all means....GO!  He voices Mater in Cars....he is in several other movies like "Witless Protection", "Tooth Fairy", etc.  He is just an all around fun guy!  

Thanks to Omaha Performing Arts for allowing my husband and I to check out his show!

*No compensation was given for this post.  All of the opinions are my own.*


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