Chasin' Cheeky Party!

Chasin' Cheeky Playdate Party!

I was given the fun opportunity to throw a Chasin' Cheeky Playdate party at my house!  We had the NEW Cheetos with White Cheddar there too!  Those were a hit!  What kid doesn't love Cheetos?  We were given Hi-Ho Cheeryo as well as the New Memory game!  We had snacks galore and A LOT of happy children....and parents!

Cheeky is quite the cute little monkey!  He was a HUGE hit!  Everyone took turns playing with him!  Since there are only two colors on his tail, you can really only have two people play, or two teams play....but I found it was easier with just two people otherwise heads start to get bonked....and that is never fun.

We started in the kitchen....but I have a small kitchen.  So we headed outside where the weather was outstanding!  First we let Cheeky take a look around....
Then we started with the first players....

The kids would run around and put the correct color ring for their "team" on Cheeky's tail.  some of these pictures they are kneeling down.  They would do that....kneel down to trap him!  They were smart!  He moves around quickly, so you gotta be fast!  He bobs every which way to to make it even more difficult!  Once you have all of your rings on, you take his banana out.  Once the banana is out he stops running around and he starts shaking his money maker!  That is when everybody shakes with him!

Here is a picture of them...."shaking" with Cheeky!

Here is a picture of all of the kids at our party yesterday!  Everyone had a great time!   Cheeky was a HUGE hit and even got to go home with a new family!  Cheeky is bound to make that family happy for a very long time!!!

*I was given Cheeky, Cheetos, Hi-Ho Cheeryo and Memory to try and to give my honest opinion.  All the opinions in my post are mine.*


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