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AMF's Summer UnPLUGGED!!!!

AMF'S Summer UnPlugged!!!

What do YOU like to do with your family during the summer months?? How do you stay cool in the sweltering summer days? Have you ever considered bowling?? If so...who is the best bowler in YOUR family? Sadly, my 3 year old son is probably the BEST in our family...but that is because we let him use the bumpers!! Do you have any bowling tips for us??? If so...please leave a comment!

We have used this promotion for a couple years now and we REALLY enjoy it! It is fun to do as a family and fun to just watch the kids have a great time too! It is well worth the money...even if you only go a few times! It is also so convenient because they e-mail you your passes every week. Definitely something I will do every year as long as the kids want to keep bowling!

Zip, Zero, Zilch for Kids 16 and Under

•At select AMF centers, two free games of bowling per day for kids 16 and under. (Shoe rental not included, but they’re worth paying for.)
•Time: open until 8:00PM, 7 days a we…

Support the 'Faces of the Future' Campaign

As social media savvy moms, we all know firsthand the benefits of technology. In most cases, our love for using technology to connect and create has trickled down to our children. I think we'd all agree that in today's increasingly digital world, there is no better time to develop these skills to prepare our children for their future. We just learned that there is a great organization, in partnership with fantastic brands, who is setting out to do just that and we couldn't wait to tell you about it!

Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA), in partnership with Microsoft and Comcast, has launched the Faces of the Future campaign (, designed to raise awareness about the importance of digital literacy. The campaign features youth from across America who have been positively impacted by the Club Tech program and shows how technology can transform lives.

Historically, Boys & Girls Clubs have been known as safe, affordable places where parents …

Food Allergy Week

I borrowed this well written article from 3 Boys and a Dog blog. This topic is very close to my heart as I have two children who suffer from egg and nut allergies.

Children and Food Allergies
Food Allergy Awareness Week is May 8 – 14
by Michael J. Welch, MD, FAAAAI, FAAP, CPI

An estimated 1 in 20 children has a food allergy, a condition that can be severe, requiring strict avoidance of the triggering food(s) and prompt treatment of any allergic reaction. Foods can also trigger a variety of symptoms that are not classic allergies. It is important to seek a diagnosis so your child can safely enjoy nutritious foods that are not a problem and avoid foods that cause symptoms.

A food allergy occurs when the immune system, designed to fight infection, mistakenly attacks food proteins. Symptoms of a food allergy reaction can include vomiting, diarrhea, an itchy rash (ranging from just around the mouth and face to total-body hives), mouth and throat itchiness and swelling, difficulty breathing,…

Bryton Pick Floss Review and Giveaway

Ever NEED to floss and just have NO time? How would you like something that reduces plaque and bacteria build up, prevents bad breath and stimulates proper oral hygiene? I have just the thing for you! The Bryton Pick.....Floss in seconds...even great for braces wearers. They are discreet....reusable up to 30 days and on the go...

They come with a credit card size carry-pouch that fits in any wallet/purse/pocket. These are available at Meijer, Drug Fair, Kinney, A&P, Pathmark, Superfresh and DIK Drug co...or you can just go to for your own set. You can choose from a lot of different, fun, bright colors!

These are recommended by dentist and hygienist to use after every meal in place of floss.

How to use:

1. Keep mouth open in a smiling position
2. Gently insert either end between the teeth

3..Slide between teeth inside - out

-cleanse with napkin, tissue or hot water...stainless steel cleaning edges are considered germ-resistant)

Good for ages 10 and up.

My take:


Give Back

The cool thing about this social media task is that the more you share using your GiveBack personalized link, not only could you win the O2O prize of $1000 for your GiveBack account and a $100 Mission Skincare certificate for yourself but you're also actually building your own Impact Points and you could win $50,000 from GiveBack to give to charity. We call that a serious win-win. (Wouldn't it just be so amazing to give that much money away to your favorite charity!!)
There are a number of ways you can get involved in the GiveBack 100 Days of Giving campaign using Social Media:

1. Just sign up for a GiveBack account. (It's free and you can even join via Facebook which is super quick and easy.) Sign up under my URL,
2. Then, share via Twitter or Facebook BUT we suggest either doing it through your GiveBack site home page OR at least making sure you include your personalized link in your post. (The reason for this is so tha…

Hellmann's PERFECT sandwich

Whether it's for breakfast, lunch or dinner, there's no denying it: America is a sandwich-loving nation! According to the new "Hellmann's® State of the Sandwich" survey, a majority of American sandwich eaters (84%) believe that how a sandwich is made is just as important as the ingredients used to make it.** Something else many of America's sandwich fans agree on: If there's a must-have sandwich ingredient, it's Hellmann's®* mayonnaise!

To help celebrate America's passionate preferences for building the perfect sandwich, Hellmann's® and Best Foods® are partnering with Chef Bobby Flay to show families how to make real, simple, delicious sandwiches, and to uncover unique and personal sandwich-making techniques. They want to know how you slice it, spread it, stack it or serve it ... Do you spread your Hellmann's® Mayonnaise on one slice or both? Is the cheese on the top or in the center of the sandwich?

All you have to do is go to Facebook.…
Register to win a summer family vacation. This summer has created a promotion that celebrates the family vacation by giving away 12 incredible trips for families looking to create their own memories. They have hand picked some of the most memorable destinations their families have experienced and asked them to provide a FREE vacation to award to perhaps YOU! CLICK BELOW NOW!!! Or click on the banner on top of the page!

One entry per day
Prizes will be awarded beginning May 15 through July 31.

This is the start of some great local summer deals - the US Family Guide online coupon allows family friendly attractions to post, update and track on line coupons - we invite you to share this feature with your favorite attraction in your neighborhood - here is the link:

My mom and I photo submission!

I submitted my favorite picture of my mom having a good time with us at Sea World to a mother's Day contest. It was taken only a couple months before her death. It is my dad, my mom, Cam (my twelve year old) and I on the Kraken! can only vote until the 5th...and you can vote each if you would PLEASE vote for this picture, I would SOOOO appreciate it! Let me know if you did and what you think of the photo!!! :-)

Here is the link:

Thanks SOOOOO much!!!!!