Acrobats of China, Featuring the NEW Shanghai Circus Review

When I was given the opportunity to go to the shows of my choice, the Chinese Acrobats instantly stood out.  I've always been a kid at heart, and circuses have always been a hit for me because of the acrobats.  Now remember, I brought my sister on this trip with me.  I wasn't sure how she would react, but she was "game", and she really enjoyed it as well!

Here is a little background:

*Located in the New Shanghai Theatre at 645 State Hwy 165 in Branson
*Over 40 acrobats of China
*Celebrates the exotic wonders of China while showcasing dramatic interpretation of classic Chinese dance and physical performance art
*Acrobatics have a 2,000 year history in China
*Performers follow an unbroken tradition since 700 B.C.
*All of the skills performed had something to do with their lives thousands of years ago...
                   *Pottery makers would spin their pots to make them smoother
                   *Hoop diving came from field workers challenging each other
*Most children start training in acrobats at the age of 6

We were unable to take photos during the show, so I didn't get any of those for you this time.  Sorry.  :-(  I was bummed...but CERTAINLY understand.  If you would have seen some of the things these women and men were doing, you would understand too!  When we got there we were greeted by a nice lady, I think she was the manager, named Bay (I am SURE it isn't spelled that way).  She was so nice.  She got me a welcome bag, showed us to our seats and brought us water bottles.  Thank heavens, for some reason we were parched!  :-)  We had great seats again, in the 3rd row.  Perfect!  The stage was nice and high so everything was easily visible.

Bay was the MC once the show started, so she gave the history during each segment prior to the acrobats doing "their thing".  I love hearing how things came about, so that was especially nice.  The things these people were doing were incredible and amazing.  Things that I can't even comprehend doing.....PAINFUL looking things!  It was seriously amazing to see.  I do have to wonder though, how their bodies might rebel when their older!  My goodness.  Seriously....they are similar to contortionists.  

They had Plate Balancing, Chinese Yo-Yos (which I later bought because they are SO cool), they jumped through hoops that I couldn't get my thigh through.....they balanced parasols on their feet, balanced 35 pound jars on their heads, they balanced eachother on their heads, their backs, their feet, EVERYTHING.  They twisted in ways that made them similar to Gumby, but there was also a beautiful ballet dance between a man and a woman.

My sister and I were in awe of their strength.  They were almost always completely covered by material, so you couldn't see their muscles, but they HAD to have had HUGE muscles.  Especially their upper bodies!  There was one boy....we think he was about 11, he balanced on rollers, on top of rollers, on top of rollers.  As mothers of 11, 12 year olds, we were incredibly nervous, but he worked them like the true pro he was!  They have such control over their bodies.

At Intermission, Rhonda and I snuck a picture in:

 At the end, the performers all came out to greet us.  I am not sure that any of them spoke English, but we went down the line and shook their hands and told them how wonderful they did, while they bowed to us.  I think we needed to be bowing to THEM though!  I also received a little 8X10 picture that they all signed.  We left the New Shanghai Theatre with great new memories!   Like them on facebook HERE!  You can also follow them on Twitter HERE!

When in Branson, check out the Acrobats of China!  You'll love it!


*I was given no compensation for this post, only tickets to the show in exchange for my honest opinion.*


  1. Thanks Tonya for coming and seeing the show. You did a great review and we do have some pictures if you want to use any of them (I'll send them to you via dropbox). Yes "Bei Wang" was your hostess and she is a doll. Appreciate your visit and glad you are enjoying Branson!
    Cindy Merry (Marketing, Acrobats of China/New Shanghai Circus)


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