Level Two Steakhouse at Hilton Review

Lisa Jones from the Hilton - Branson was nice enough to treat the mom bloggers to a meal at the Level 2 Steakhouse.  This steakhouse was AMAZING.  It truly was.  I don't normally eat out so fancy, but I have....and this particular Steakhouse takes the cake!  It was outstanding!

We started with several appetizers.  We had Ahi, Calamari, Beef and several more things.  All which were wonderful.  I have never had sushi before....but I DID try it.  Not a huge fan, but it was Level 2's fault....I think it is all in my head!

 Soon our salads or soups came out.  Those were unbelievable as well!  And not just the food...the atmosphere was so serene, and our server knew what she was doing.  She was very knowledgable and probably one of the friendlier servers I've ever had.
 While we were eating our soups and salads, our server Tiana, came out with a box full of knives.  She showed us each type of knife and then we got to pick which one we would use.  I have NEVER had an experience like that before.  I really didn't care what kind of knife I had...but it was sure fun to be able to pick one!  :-)  Once you've been there 5 times and used the same type of knife, they will engrave it for you with your name and keep it in the back for when you visit them!  Pretty cool!

 Finally...the moment we were all waiting for!  The food!  We thought it would be fun to try new things, so my sister got the Bison and I got the Waygu.  I didn't know what Waygu was...but it is a beef that was given beer and massages daily from different places of the world.  I don't know about you...but that cow was pretty lucky...well...until the end anyway!  :-)

We wanted to try both, so we cut each of our "steaks" in half and made our own dinner presentation.  The Waygu was SO good that it literally melted in your mouth.  It was tender, cooked JUST right and just all around a perfect meat!  The Bison was a little tougher, but still really good!  No complaints at all!  We got 3 different side dishes and shared them.  We had Artichokes, Egg Noodles and Mashed Potatoes, all of which were equally amazing!  No complaints at all about Level 2.
Then....dessert came out!  We had 3 different choices which we all shared.  We had the Triple Layer Chocolate Cake, Cheesecake and a big cookie like thing.  We were all oohing and ahhing at the table!
Then sadly, it was time to go.  I snapped some pictures on our way out though.  We had a show to catch, Joseph at the Sight and Sound Theater.  We were late for that however, because we got stuck in the Hilton Parking Garage.  No fault of the Hilton's though...it just happened.  When we went to leave the arm wouldn't go up.  So we had to wait until someone could manually open it.  Just happen stance though.  It was frustrating...but sometimes technology can let us down.

The meal at Level 2 was amazing though, and like nothing I have ever had before!  I would LOVE to take my family there so they too can be treated like the princes and princesses they are!

Did I tell you?  Tiana even put the napkin on my lap for me!  CRAZY!  I am just a redneck girl, what can I say?

 *I was given no compensation for this post, only a fantastic meal to try and review!*


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