Showboat Branson Belle Review

The Showboat Branson Belle
 It was around 7pm when we arrived at the dock to get on the Showboat Branson Belle.  It was a beautiful day and evening.

  I had never been on a showboat to my knowledge, and so this was all new to me.  The boat sure was pretty.  I couldn't get enough of it...both inside and out.

The sunset was so outstanding.  I love to watch beautiful sunsets.  It reminds me that God is in charge.

This was so much prettier in person!  Do you see the little speck above the building?  That is the moon!  It was beautiful....but I guess you'll have to use your imagination!

As soo as you step on to the boat you will have your pictures taken, which is true for almost everywhere in Branson!  Then you step inside to this beautiful stack of pipes and a grand staircase.

Once you go into the 700 seat auditorium, you are greeted warmly and taken to your seats.  We were lucky enough to have VIP seating in the Captains Row.  See those three draped flags in the middle of the picture?  That is where we were seated.  Smack dab in front of the stage.
Here is my sister and I with two other bloggers.  Brittany of Naturally Estes, and Mellisa of Momluck.

We had the best seats in the house if you ask me?

The Showboat Branson Belle cruises Table Rock Lake in Branson.  The show on the night we were there was Janice Martin, the worlds ONLY violin-playing aerialist, piano playing, singing, veteran, and The male group the ShowMen in celebration to American Music.  We had a three course meal which was delicious, and like I said...the best seats in the house!

First we had Christopher James out who is a comedian and magician.  He was very funny and his magic was very good.  We ordered and ate our biscuits while he was doing his show.  He also Emceed the rest of the show and he did a GREAT job!  Make sure to look him up on Facebook and Twitter!  I think the best jokes were the ones poking a funny way.  For example, he asked who was to the Titanic Museum yet.  They he said, "You go to the Titanic Museum, and then you get on a boat?"  Kinda funny.  Things like that....he poked fun at the fact that Branson is full of "older people", but they all know it, and so do we!  :-)  Anyway, he was super funny and a pleasure to watch.  Surprisingly he has a degree in Psychology!  He is from Ohio and has traveled around the world with his comedy.  He was acrtually named Comedy Stage act of the Year and Magic Act of the Year by the Magicians Alliance of Eastern States.  He has been on the Showboat Branson Belle for six years.
This is our wonderful waiter!

When the food came, we had the Showboat's signature live band Rockin' Dockers performing.  It was very nice dinner music.

Here you see my sister's Mahi Mahi.  She really liked it and said it didn't taste fishy at all.  The people below the Captains Deck had a meal of Beef Roast and Honey-Dijon Glazed Chicken and the chef's own Golden Brittle Lemon-Berry Torte.  Since we were in VIP, we got a menu and got to pick from a few different options.
My pick was the chicken.  Yum.  Don't both of these look amazing?  Let me tell you....they were!!!
Here is my blogger buddy with her baby Pippa.  Aren't they sweet??
After the main course....we got to delight in our dessert.  Can anyone say, YUM?!?!?  Doesn't this look AMAZING!? was!  And I have to good as the dessert was at the Hilton Level 2....this one was EVEN BETTER!  I didn't think you could GET better than Level 2....but it happened!  This was heavenly!  There is no better way to say it!  The Showboat Branson Belle's desserts are TOP NOTCH!

Before the main show started we got to walk around a little bit, explore the boat and take pictures.  Here are the ACTUAL WORKING Paddlwheels.  This boat is a true sternwheeler, meaning it is propelled through the water with these two paddle wheels.  Isn't that awesome!  And the Captains Wheel which is 10 feet, 2 inches in diameter actually steers the boat!  The boat weighs in at 2.5 million pounds and averages about 6 MPH.  It holds about 700 people PLUS the crew and cost about $8 million to build.  They give you a little highlight reel about the boat when  you are eating.  It is very informative.  Like for launch it into Table Rock Lake they used bananas so they wouldn't pollute the water!  That is a fact I won't forget...I don't know why...but it is sticking with me!  :-)

Soon we heard the 5 minute call for the show, so it was time to get back to our seats!  Christopher James started out by introducing Janice Martin.  She is a Violinist, Aerialist, Pianist, Soprano, Dancer and Actor!  She is also a veteran!  She graduated from Indiana University and then from The Juilliard School of Music!  She has played piano since she was 4 and violin since she was 5.  She's been a gymnast since she was 8.  She debuted her solo violin at Carnegie Hall in 1998.  She is a MULTI-TALENTED woman!  Everytime she did something, Rhonda and I would look at eachother and say, "What ELSE can she do?"  She is amazing and you would be so lucky to get to see her perform.


Next....well and kind of throughout the whole show was The ShowMen.  They are 5 men....vocally talented, Soloists, Entertainers and Dancers.  They were extraordinary!  I loved the harmony they were creating.  It started with one of them as a waiter...who dropped his tray.  Christopher James makes fun of him and brings him on stage.  That is where the festivities begin!  The group consists of David Griffin, Avilla Martin, Steven Parrish, Nathan Pufall and Brad Baker.  All of which have great voices and are also very handsome!  :-)

There were all sorts of clothing changes throughout....and with very little time inbetween, I am not entirely sure how they did it so quickly!  Including Janice!

They ended with a very patriotic number and had all of the Veterans stand.
Afterwards, we got to have a meet and greet with Christopher and Janice.  The other blogger pictured who you haven't met yet is Alicia with Making Time for Mommy.
We really had a GREAT time on the Showboat Branson Belle!  I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!  With kids or without kids, of any age, shape and size!  Great show for all!
*I was given tickets to the show in exchange for my honest review, no compensation was given*


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