Soda Stream Review

SodaStream....Fizz the Season House Party!
When the SodaStream was first sent to me...I really wasn't sure what it was exactly.  I don't get out much!  :-)  My husband had to explain it to me!  It is basically making your own sodas!  It is cheaper in the long run, and in some instances healthier for you to make your own.  You can choose the types of soda mix you put can be anything from just Cranberry Juice....or Crystal Light....or all the way to Dr. Pepper...or Coke!  Anything you'd like.  Even Diet!  I know that a lot of people don't like to drink, you can just carbonate your water!  You still get the fizzys.  Now...a lot of people don't even like carbonation.  If that is you...then this is not for you....but if you like carbonation...with or without the soda mix, this is awesome!  I was really impressed with it!  I like that you can make anything like Grape juice or anything healthy like that and then you can add the carbonation to make it more appealing to your little people...if you have picky little people like I do anyway!

My package came with a SodaStream machine (cost around $90 or higher depending on the style), 3 bottles to mix the sodas in, 3 large mix bottles, Cranberry, Grape, Raspberry, and two boxes of one bottle each soda mixes.  So, one little packet in the boxes you see there would be a mix for one of those bottles.  I got a variety of loaded....Crystal Light....Dr. Pepper....Lemon Lime, etc.

 First, you fill the bottle to the line at the top with purified water.
 Then you place it in the machine, lock it in place (this is very when I did it...I didn't lock it in place...and I had a big mess to clean up!), and push it in so it is straight up and down.
 Then you push down the block on top of the bottle and listen as the fizzies start to take shape in there!
 Those one, two, three lines of dots show you how much carbonation is in there.  If you want a little bit, the first dot will glow red.  Then you would let go of the block to stop the carbonation.  If you want a lot of fizzies, you let it keep going until the top line of dots are glowing red.  It is kinda cool!  It actually sounds like a ride at the it is taking off.  Then when you pop the bottle off it makes that PFEW sound like the ride is ending!  It's pretty cool!
 Then you pick your flavor and pour in...but slowly, because it WILL over bubble and get all over the place.  I did that too....

 Then into the glass it goes....
 Here is our guinea pig....hmmm....he is thinking about it....
 Mmmm....pretty good mom!!!
 After drinking a little bit more...YUMMY!!!!!
 Along with my guinea pig above....I had 5 friends over.  They all loved it too!  I let them all pick what kind they would like.  We did 3 different kinds.  One of them came out a little flat....but that was totally my fault as I spilled a lot of the fizzies.  The others came out great!

Some fun games you can play with your friends this holiday season and with your new Soda Stream?  BLIND TASTE TEST!  We did that here at the house with our family.  It was a lot of fun! a mix and match.  Also known as Kamikazee or Suicide....where you put in two or more different flavors and make your own concoction!  My kids love that they can come home and make their own soda!  Of course, I limit them...and I limit what KIND they have also.  Weekends, I am a little bit more accepting to what they want, but they like to even just have carbonated water.  I think they just like to hear that carbonation going into the bottle and popping off though!  :-)  It's become very entertaining to them!

Be sure to check out their website HERE.  You can buy the Soda Stream just about anywhere, and I know you can also buy the mixes just about anywhere too.  I also saw that you can turn in your empty carbonation canisters and get new ones for $14.99 at some select stores!

You will save money!  You may even save calories and drink healthier if you purchase the right mixes!  Totally up to you on that!  But I am absolutely thrilled with my Soda Stream!

*I was given a Soda Stream to try out and review.  No compensation was given for this post.  All the opinions in this post are mine*


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