Hannah's Maze of Mirrors....from MaKennas Perspective

Another part of the Hollywood Entertainment Center is Hannah's Maze of Mirrors.  Aside from a handful of fun houses at county fairs, I had never been in a big Maze of Mirrors like this.  It was incredible!  Here is what the website had to say about the Hannah's Maze of Mirrors:

Hannah's Maze of Mirrors
Are you the chosen one?  Find out in Branson, Missouri where a mirror maze adventure awaits.  Family fun is the name of the game as you work your way through the mirrored corridors to rescue Princess Hannah of Savannah.  When you spot the castle on Highway 76 in Branson, you'll know it's time to get lost in a modern-day fairy tale where you'll discover 288 potential turns among hundreds of mirrored walls and archways, and several sections where no matter which way you turn, you see infinite reflections in every direction.  Team with King Oscar, Queen Emmy, and the Wizard of the Golden Globe to find the Princess before time runs out.  This mirror maze is one of the best Branson attractions for families and fun-seekers of all ages.  A single admission is good for unlimited visits on the same day.

The whole family participated in this....except Cam because he was at the hotel sick....but they all had a great time.  It was even a challenge for Jeff and I!  Jeff was the first to get out....of course.  I hit a few mirror walls because I wasn't paying good enough attention....got a couple bumps and bruises...but they were fun getting!  MaKenna enjoyed this one the most...I will let her tell you about it!

Hi, my name is MaKenna.  I am 9.  I have never been in a Maze or Mirrors before.  Mom said I was when I was little, but I don't remember that.  It was really neat.  The people in the mirrors would just show up to help you...it was a little creepy the first time Hannah showed up in a mirror that I was looking at myself in!  Here is a picture of my brother running into a mirror.  Ha! He is naughty it serves him right!  :-)

 Here are Major and I getting lost....it was REALLY big....a LOT of mirrors...and I couldn't figure out how to get out!
 I learned that if I put my hand out, I could tell if there was a mirror there or not...then I knew if it was an opening or not.  Mom said that was cheating...but I saw her doing it too!
 Here is Hannah just showing up!  Poof!  You can even see mom taking her picture!
 I don't know what he is doing.  He is weird.

Dad was the first one out...then mom...then me and Major...and last was Jake.  We all went back in though to find Jake...so then we had to find our way out again!  It was fun!  We were up there for like 30 minutes mom said!  I loved it.  It was really neat!


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