Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf Review from Major's Perspective!

Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf is the 4th thing within the Hollywood Entertainment Center.  The lady behind the counter said we were brave because it was fairly chilly that day....but honestly it wasn't THAT bad.  Long pants and long sleeved shirts were all that were necessary really.  It WAS the coldest day we were there...but only maybe a high of 55 or so...which felt decent enough.  The nice thing was...we were the ONLY ones playing!  So we took our sweet time!

I am letting Major tell you about this one.  He loves to mini golf...though when he is mini golfing it is best to keep your distance....he is a little dangerous.  We are trying to reign that in though!  :-)  Remember, he is only I am typing and helping him in his wording...but the thoughts are his! 

Hi, I am Major!  I had a lot of fun at Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf!  Mom says the idea of it was that we were in Hollywood acting like we were stars.  Like this guy in the picture below?  When you got close to him he talked like he was talking to a star about giving me a haircut!

 And see that circular box next to my sister MaKenna in this next picture?  That had a button on it as well as words.  The words would tell you about the next hole and what the decorations were all like the picture after that is my sister posing for the photographer.  When you read the story it talked about photographers in Hollywood and how they treat the stars....then when you pushed the button it was the voice of the photographer telling you how to strut your stuff and stuff like that.  I like to push buttons, so we listened to most of them multiple times!

 This hole that we came up on was about stunt driving....I guess this truck is a stunt truck.  I wanted to get wouldn't let me.  She is no fun.
 Mom liked the palm trees.  She said there are palm trees where she grew up.  She said she is from Arizona....she misses them I guess, so she made MaKenna stand in front of them.  They weren't real said they were fake.  But I guess the ones that mom grew up with were real.

 I am a master golf player.  Dad says I am like Happy Gilmore.  I guess that is a good golfer. (mom is smiling now)
 There were even things like these buildings...but they were little buildings.  Mom said in real life these are really tall and that these were just replicas.

 Here is Jake with a paparazzi.  I guess they are vultures mom says....

 Mom and dad have been to the real Chinese Theater.  I don't understand what it is, but they say it is neat.
 MaKenna is putting her hands where some guy named Forrest Gumps hands were.  He says "Life is like a box of chocolate."  Mom always called me Bubba Gump.  I don't get it.

 This is me playing on the "pier" of Long Beach.

 I liked the water by the stars.  I put my hand in...but I got in trouble because I got my shirt all wet.  I pretended like I didn't care...but mom caught me shivering later.  I guess I shouldn't have put my arm in.
 When we were done with the mini golf, we walked back to the car and mom took this picture of Mt. Rushmore which was between the Castle of Chaos and the Hollywood Wax Museum.  Mom says the real Mt. Rushmore is in South Dakota and have different faces in it.  I don't know what she is talking about.

We had a ton of fun!  We like to play mini golf as a family.  We usually have to keep the peace with a couple of the kids as fights always seem to break out...but for the most part we have a ton of fun with it!    Thanks to Hollywood Entertainment Center for allowing us to come check out all 4 of their fun establishments!  It is definitely a place to take the kids.  You will spend at least 3 hours there...unless you're super speedy!  


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