Disney Live, Three Fairy Tales Review

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This weekend I got the FUN opportunity to take 2 out of 4 of my kids to Disney Live here in Omaha.  We had a GREAT time!  I was able to go about 3 years ago too and loved it then also!  It was almost identical to 3 years ago...but my 2 munchkins didn't remember it...so it was all new to them!

The production was 3 Fairy Tales.  It went through Snow Whites story..Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast.  Prior to the show myself and another Omaha blogger were invited to a meet and greet.  Sadly, my sons hockey game was moved an hour later, so there was no way I was going to make it back from his game in Lincoln in time to make it to the meet and greet.  But my good blogger friend Robyn from Coolestmommy.com, was able to go and she shared her pictures with me so I could share them with you!  I HAVE been to a meet and greet for Disney shows before though....so I will tell you about my experience!  

First off, here is Cinderella coming into the room!  I have to say they ALWAYS stay in character.  The little girls...and boys LOVE it!

 Here is Cinderella meeting my friend Robyn's little girl "R".  From experience with princesses in the past....they are very friendly and interactive with the kids!  And like I said...they ALWAYS stay in character.  It is a little bit bizarre for the adults actually!  :-)  But very cool for the kids!

 After the meet and greet...the show started!  I managed to roll into town 15 minutes before show time!  Whew!  I am glad the hockey game didn't go any longer!  By the way...I don't know if you know anything about hockey...but my son is a defenseman...and he laid out Coach Pelini's son!  Coach Pelini is a coach for the Nebraska Huskers...not THE Coach Pelini....but it is THE Coach Pelini's nephew.  The coach Pelini that I am talking about is like the special teams coach or something.  Anyway....I figure that means Cam's scholarship to UNL is out.  Bummer!  Anyway...back to the show!

The show started with Goofy and Minnie on stage!  Goofy has always been one of my favorites!  Voices were RIGHT on with what they should sound like.
 Pretty soon Donald joined the cast and finally MICKEY!  Everyone was SO excited to see Mickey!
 Donald, Goofy, Mickey and Minnie introduced the first Fairy Tale, Snow White.  She was so perfect in every way with her dress, her speech and her mannerisms.  I was FULLY convinced that this was Snow White!
 And the nasty witch came out.....she looked fantastic too!  Just like the books I grew up with!  Her magic mirror was super cool too!  A little scary for my littlest one....but it was perfect!
 Next...my favorite little guys from the story of Snow White...the DWARFS!!!  LOVE THEM!!!!!
 Of course, the story ended well.  The witch brought Snow White the poison apple...she ate it...went into a deep sleep and her fairly handsome prince came...gave her a kiss...and they got married.  The end!  Great story!!

Next.....Cinderella!  That was always one of my favorites!  She started in rags....
 Then my favorites from this story came out...the mice!!!!  I just loved them...always have!!!
 Cinderella was not able to go to the ball, so her Fairy godmother showed up to make her fancy!
 This was pretty cool....she went up on that circular stage and there was all sorts of smoke.  She was in her rags...and by the time the smoke cleared, she was in this dress with her hair pinned up, etc.  It HAS to have been a double!  There is no way she could have changed that fast!  She looked beautiful though...they both did...even in her rags!

 We all know how this story ends....she goes to the ball...meets her Prince...loses her shoe....her shoe comes to the house with the Prince...she puts it on...it fits....they live happily ever after...The end!  Great story!!

There was an intermission in the middle of Cinderella.  The concession stands were open.  I have to say everything that was sold by Disney Live was SO expensive.  I would have LOVED to get my kids some fun things...but the prices were outrageous.  But...everything that is licensed is expensive, so why should Disney Live be any different.

After the intermission it was time for the story of Beauty and the Beast.  This was always a favorite of mine as well!
 Belle...just like me....always has her nose in a book!  I LOVE to read....now...if only I could LOOK like Belle, I'd be in business!  :-)
 The part my kids loved the most was when Belle got to the castle and the teacup, clock, candlestick and utensils came out.

 They LOVED it!  They thought it was so funny!  But...they did wonder where "Chip" was...the little cup that had a chip on its side.
 The Beast costume was very well done.  Actually all of the costumes were very well done....they were all spot on.
 Of course....as this story goes...Belle falls in love with the beast.....which causes him to turn back into the Prince that he once was!  And they live Happily Ever After!

 This signaled the end of the show....Belle and the "Beast/Prince" came out.....
Then Cinderella and her Prince....

 Then Snow White and her prince....

 Finally, Goofy, Donald.....
 And Mickey and Minnie!  And they were ALL blinged out!  They had new blingy costumes on!  It was a sparkly mess up there!  But a beautiful mess!!

 Last....but not least...before the closing of the curtains for the last time on this Omaha show.....confetti came out of the ceiling.  Kids all over thought this was just the "cat's meow"!

 My little people M&M, really loved it!!!  They were thrilled to have gotten to go....and were mesmerized almost the entire time!
It was a very well put together production.  Thanks to Feld Entertainment for producing it and allowing us to check it out!

Have you ever been to a Disney Live show?  If so...which one?  Comment below!  I need some comment love!!!!!

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