Level 2 Steakhouse Review


For those of you who didn't read my first post when my sister and I went to Branson in September, make sure you read it here.

Level 2 Steakhouse is an awesome place to eat!  I wasn't sure what it would be like bringing the kids along....because they can be rambunctious and this is a nice steakhouse....but they did fine, and the staff was so nice to all of us...it absolutely made me feel very comfortable.
Here is a little bit about it from the website:

• 28 Day Aged Corn Fed Midwest Beef

• Fresh Seafood flown in from Hawaii

• Heritage Missouri Pork

• Locally Grown Produce

• Signature House Made Desserts

• 1600° Infrared Oven 
– An extremely hot oven which quickly sears the outside and
  produces a more tender steak, due to the speed of cooking.

• 5 Distinctive Steak Knives - 
Click here for more information on our custom knives and Cut Club!

• Complimentary Valet Parking
• Hours of Operation
   Breakfast  6:30am – 11:00am
   Lunch  11:00am – 2:30pm 
   Dinner  5:00pm – 10:00p

 The kids weren't used to eating at such a fancy place....they weren't even sure what all of the words were on the menu, but we helped them out.  MaKenna had her very first Shirley Temple....I am sorry to say, she was not a fan.
 Keeping the kids busy before the food came was the hardest part.  Thank goodness for technology!

 The location is perfect.  It is on the second floor of the Hilton Convention Center.  It is tucked in a corner just off the lobby.  The decor was very stylish and modern.
The view from the window was of the pool, hottub and bar.
 Jeff had a soup that he said was perfect.

Major had the chicken fingers and french fries.
 Cam's burger was so fancy!  He had the Steak Burger.  I loved the little fry carrier...and the wooden plate it was on was awesome!
 Jake also had a burger.  He had a cheeseburger.
 This was Jeff's $30 Petite Steak.  He said it was scrumptious!
 I had the French Dip.  I haven't had a good French Dip for a really long time.  It was a VERY nice treat!
 As we left to the right were a bunch of wines in a mirrored cabinet.  Very fancy setting.

It definitely was a fabulous experience for all of us.  We had a great time, and all of the kids thought their food was outstanding.  Much better than the Taco Bell or McDonalds that they are used to!  Level 2 is a great stop to make...even with kids.  It also has such a great atmosphere, that a date night would be awesome here.  Very worth it...and like I said, the food just melts in your mouth.  My compliments to the chef BOTH times I've been there.  Awesome!  Did I mention how great the service was too?  They all know their stuff and are all so friendly.  You get the feeling of home town treatment but with a fancy touch!  Loved it!

Thanks Hilton and Level 2 for having us!


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