Branson Tracks from a Child's Perspective

Branson Tracks was TONS of fun!  If you missed the post that I wrote from September when I was there with my sister....make sure you go HERE to check it out!!  That post will give you the adult perspective....but now....I had the incredible opportunity (I know I say that all the time...but I really do have the best job ever!) to take my kids there!  Cam enjoyed the tracks the most I I'll let him tell you all about it!

Hi, my name is Cam.  I am 14 years old and Branson Tracks was one of the highlights of my trip!  I know I still wasn't feeling well when we went....I ended up having Mono...but at that point I didn't know it yet....but even with not feeling well, I still had a great time.

We were given 5 tokens each.  My brother chose to spend his on this chicken game.  Lame.

My other brother decided to play this Slot Machine type game.....pretty cool.

My sister and I did other things to get tickets.  I gave most of my tokens to Major my littlest brother though.  He was doing pretty good on the slot machine.  There were other things there though too.  We were at Track 3.  I guess there are like 5 tracks throughout Branson.  We went to 2 different tracks....3 and 4.  We started at 3 with the tokens though.  There were video games, but my siblings like to get tickets, so we did ticket games.  Once we had our tickets we put them in this slot thing.  It eats the tickets and then prints out a receipt for you.  They got candy and some little toys to play with.

When we were done with that we went on Wild Woody.  It is a really neat go kart ride.  My dad took Major, my mom took MaKenna and Jake and I went alone.

It is a wooden go kart it sounds neat when you go across it.  It is a circular track first to get you up to the top, then there is a good sized drop, with some up and down hills before getting to the bottom and doing it again.  It was a lot of fun.  The carts went fast...but not as fast as I remember mom telling me from when she was here last time.  But she wasn't at THIS go kart track...she was at another one.

Here is some info on Wild Woody:
Wild Woody is hard to miss when you drive into Branson. At four stories tall, it looks (and feels) like an oversized wooden roller coaster! It's go-kart racing that has ups, downs, twists, and turns...and a great view, too!


Track 3




4 stories


1,440 ft.


Wooden construction and riding surface, 1 full spiral, 2 mini spirals, and a blind peak!

Age/Height Requirements

Drivers - 58" & up
Passengers - 36" & up


Driver + Passenger*
*Two (2.00) credits required for passengers not meeting age/height requirements. Regular number of credits required for passengers meeting age/height requirements. For all rides allowing passengers, the height requirement for the passenger is 36". All driver and passenger age/height requirements are subject to change without notice.

Track 3's kiddie land was close, so we needed to go to another track so Major and MaKenna could ride along.  So track 4 it was!

Along with the kiddie rides, was the HIGH RISE for Jake and I!  This was the one that mom had gone on when she visited with her sister.  I was super excited about trying this one.

Before we did that though....MaKenna and Major got their turns!  This was MaKenna's first time in a go kart by herself!  She was a little miffed because she just went around in a circle...but she has to learn somewhere right?  And they weren't going to let her go on any of the other ones!

She thought she was cool and could go one handed like mom does.
Then it was time for us!  Again, I wasn't feeling the best...but I had a lot of fun!  These go karts seemed to go faster than the other ones on Wild Woody.  Either that or the drop was just that much more intense.  You could hear the whine of the engine trying to hold back when you went over the hill....and some of the rubber from the tires was kicking up into my face.  Totally EPIC as my brother would say!  :-)

Here are the pictures from Major's first time behind the wheel.  Luckily there was NOBODY else there....I was fearful enough as it was....he is a bit of a scares us to think of him driving!

There really was something for everyone there!  There is also bumper cars, bumper boats, laser tag, a ton of other things to do.  These were just the things we chose to do.  Be sure to go to their website HERE, and see what else they have to offer.  There are TONS of things to do


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