Silver Dollar City, Branson...from a Child's Perspective

Some of you may remember my last Silver Dollar City post.  If not, be sure to go back and read it.  Now...from a child's perspective!

Silver Dollar City has an incredible back ground story to it!  One that includes a cave.  I am going to do the cave post after this one.  It deserves its very own post!  Cam is going to do that one...Major is going to do this post.  I will be typing for Major as he is only 5....but the thoughts and ideas will be his!

I'll start though!  The first time I went I was blessed with a media pass...which meant we got to park up close and personal....that was not the case this time...which is fine...I just didn't know what to expect.  We parked in one of the further parking lots as we got there about an hour after it opened.  Here is a zoomed in picture of one of the roller coasters.
 We didn't have to wait too long before a tram came and got us.  It went through about 2 shifts before it got to us, but there were two running, so it didn't take more than 10 minutes of waiting....not too bad.  I've waited longer at Disney World.  They are very friendly on the tram.  They did talk over the loud speaker...but we were by the engine, so we didn't hear anything.  I expect that they were talking about the history of the park from what bits and pieces I did hear.
 Once we finally got there, the kids were more than happy to sit in front of the sign for me before going in!
 Our first stop was Homestead Ridge.  I knew half of my kids would enjoy the history and the other half would enjoy the animals!  I wasn't wrong!

 The authentic one room school house was a favorite for two of my kids.  Can't make everyone happy I guess...but I was doing pretty good with giving them things of interest!

 They really enjoyed the seats and the chalkboards.  There is even an instructor in there that sits at the instructors desk and gives a history lesson every couple of hours.  We didn't stay for that, but they did get to talk to the teacher a little bit.

After that myself and the two big kids started with the roller coasters!  If you want to read about that, be sure to go to my older post linked above...that one will tell you all about the coasters!!  But...this post is about the KIDS!!! is Major, my 5 year old....talking...with my help in typing...and giving him ideas to say...I mean...he is only 5!

Hi!  My name is Major Filleman!  I had lots of fun in Branson, but Silver Dollar City was my favorite!  We had to park far away and then wait for a trolley...but that was really fun!  I had to sit in the middle though.  They wanted mommy's and daddy's on the outside.  We saw lots of animals at first.  I love to pet the goats.  They are funny.  Then mom and Cammie and Jakie went on roller coasters.  They were too big for me, so daddy and Kenna took me to the kids area.  That was SO MUCH FUN!  I think mom said it was called Geyser Gulch!  It was SO big!  Like a big tree house!  I want one in my back yard.  Mom says no.

 There was a lot of climbing to do, and I even got to shoot balls out of cannons!  There was water that I got to shoot too!

 I could have stayed here all day, but mommy and Cammie and Jakie came back and we had to move on.

 After Geyser Gulch we went to Half Dollar Hollar where there was another tree house, swings and a carousal!  It was lots of fun too.  But then....daddy found a ride...something like Huck Finn or something.  We got to float in a boat and shoot water and people!!  Mommy was taking pictures on the shore while we were in the boat.  She didn't realize that I would shoot her and I GOT HER GOOD!  It was funny!  I laughed and laughed!  She got all wet!  She wasn't happy...but I didn't get into trouble!

 Then mommy took us to Grandfather's Mansion.  On the way though we ran into this thing.  I don't know what it was, but mommy took a picture.  She takes pictures of everything.
 Granfathers Mansion was awesome.  I wanted to go again...but it wasn't like that at first.  Mommy had to drag me in.  I was scared.  Even though she kept telling me it was okay.  I was scared.  Once I got inside and saw that it wasn't scary I had lots of fun.
 Its a weird house.  Everything was either upside down or crooked!  I could hardly walk.  I was laughing so hard I almost wet my pants.  Mommy warned me not to though, so I tried hard to hold it.
 Then mommy and Cammie and Jakie went to ride more big kid rides.  So Daddy and Kenna and I went to this place called Grand Exposition.  We saw this on the way.  Mommy gave Daddy the camera this time.  I am not sure he knew what he was doing....
 This is my first roller coaster....I was a little nervous.  But Kenna went with me.


 We rode a bunch of other rides in the Grand Exposition.  I think it is just for kids.  We rode the tea cups, big swings, pirate ship...a whole bunch of different fun rides.  Then mommy, Cammie and Jakie came back.  Mommy made Daddy ride the elephants with me.  I don't think he wanted to though.

 I had a lot of fun.  There was SO much to do!  I didn't want to leave!  I've never been some where that there was so much for me to do.  I didn't even have to wait for mommy, Cammie and Jakie this time because I had somewhere else to go!  It was fun.  Mommy says it is like Silver Dollar City caters to everyone and every age!  It is my favorite place to go now.  I was so happy that we got to go!

So that was Major's post.  Yes...I helped him....but most of the thoughts and ideas were his own.  I just had to pull it out of him!  :-)  he really did have a great time! ALL of the kids had a fantastic time!  There really is something there for everyone of every age.  So much to do!  There are a lot of shows too.  We were unable to go to any shows though.  We had planned on going to the Stunt show, but didn't look to see what time the last show was until it was too late to see the last we had to skip it.  We went on the cave tour and that took up a couple hours, so we didn't have a whole lot of time.  There is a lot to see at Silver Dollar City!  What I think is neat it that when I went there in September with my sister I saw things that I didn't see this time...and likewise...this time, I saw things that I hadn't gotten to see with my sister!  You could easily spend a whole weekend or even three days at just Silver Dollar City!  There is NO lack of things to do and/or see.  It can get crowded...but a lot of times, even though it is crowded, the rides don't have long waits because many of the people who go are older and don't care about the rides.  They are there for the crafts, the scenery, the history, the shows.  Yes...some rides have a bit of a wait....but NEVER any longer than 30 minutes, at least when we were there, and long lines were few and far between.  Especially in the Grand Exposition, there was little to no lines there for the kiddos. lines were a bit long.  We probably waited for food longer than anything else...but that was to be expected and we were okay with that.

They have a couple gift shops that are full and wonderful!  And they also have a lot of crafter stands that sell things like jerky, wood designs (you can watch him build), black smith designs (you can watch him build), glass blowing items (you can watch the glass blower do his work too).  It is just extraordinarily neat.  I can't say enough about it.  I can't even describe it well enough to you.  You just really have to go to see for yourself.  

I won't lie to is an incredible place!  I can't wait to tell you about the cave that started it all!!!
Stay tuned!!!


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