Castle of Chaos, Bransons....from Jake's Perspective!!!

I couldn't take any pictures in Castle of Chaos.  But it is also part of the Hollywood Entertainment Center.  It was different then I expected it to be.  Here is what the website said about it:

Castle of Chaos
Where can you find the first 5D attraction in the world?  Right here in the Ozark Mountains where Castle of Chaos on Highway 76 beckons you to join the Battle Against Evil.  This popular haunted attraction in Branson, Missouri, combines the experiences of a 3D film, ride and video game in one scary fun adventure.  The mission:  Discover the fate of 1920's horror film star Carli Winepeg and her crew, who disappeared while shooting an epic horror movie inside this castle.  Buckle into your armchair and pick up your pistol as you prepare to see, hear, feel and smell the chaos while shooting for the highest score.  Winners are shown on-screen at the end of every haunted ride.  Find out why Castle of Chaos Branson was called one the best new attractions in the world by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.

Here is Jake again to give you the low down on this Castle!  Then I'll close....

Hi!  It's Jake again!  I wasn't sure I wanted to do this...but I didn't tell anyone that.  I get scared very easily, but I really wanted to check it out.  So, since Cam was at the hotel sick, MaKenna and Major were too young, and someone had to stay with that left me to go with Mom.  I was nervous....but I tried not to let it show...until we got inside.  Then I let mom know.  She put her arm around me....I was happily nervous though!  

When we walked in the sliding door, there were about 5 or 6 rows of chairs...with about 10 or so rows across.  THAT made me nervous.  I didn't know WHAT to expect...but that was not it.  I thought it was a haunted house that you walked through...I had no idea that it was some sort of movie and ride.  There were huge screens up all over, 360 degrees around us.  We sat down and there were guns also.  Then I knew it was a shooting game.  I love shooting games.  There was a seat belt though...that made me nervous too!  There were also a bunch of creepy things all around...I didn't like that.  There were two other people that joined us on this "trip".  They sat a few seats behind us.  We sat in the second row...I didn't want to be in front.  The seats were nice and comfy...a bit squishy...but they went all the way up to the back of your head so you had a head rest.  I thought that was nice.

Once the "ride" started it showed a little video.  We didn't move forward or backward on the platform, we moved around in circles in the room to see different movie screens.  It was pitch black in there for a little bit.  I don't like the dark.  The movie was in 3D.  We had 3D glasses on the whole time.  It was weird.  We had to shoot things and we got points...that was cool...but when things flew out of the sky at us...not on the screen...out of the SKY...that was creepy...or when water and air was blown on us from behind us...or when our seats started moving and making funny noises...THAT was really creepy!  Mom just laughed the whole time...but I was creeped out!

At the end, our pictures showed up on the screen and I won!  I won against 3 adults!  I was pretty happy!  Afterward, when the lights came on, I was relieved, but it was fun!  I would go again.  It was something I had never experienced before....and way not what I thought it would be...but it was fun!  I am glad mom took me in! that was Jake.  Everything he said was true.  It was really interesting.  I didn't expect the seats to be interactive, but they were!  Which made it that much more fun!  It was definitely not what I had expected.  Worth a try for anyone who doesn't mind thrilling stuff!


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