Hollywood Wax Museum, Branson, MO - Review from a child

The Hollywood Wax Museum in Branson is actually one of four destinations within the Hollywood Entertainment Center.  They consist of the Hollywood Wax Museum, Castle of Chaos, Hannahs Maze of Mirrors and Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf.  They are all right next to each other, but 4 different places.  You can pay for one...two...three or all four.  You can check out their pricing by clicking HERE.

The first place we went was The Hollywood Wax Museum.  This was one place that I had gone on my previous trip in September.  You can check that post out HERE.  Here is what their website says about the Hollywood Wax Museum:
Hollywood Wax Museum
Hollywood Wax Museum is a classic Branson attraction on Highway 76 where you're invited to Come Play with the Stars! Located at the center of the strip in Branson, Missouri since 1996, the Wax Museum was revamped last year with all new amazingly-sculpted stars on sets from the most famous movie scenes of all time. You'll have the chance to walk the red carpet, skip down the Yellow Brick Road, beam aboard a starship, meet super heroes and super villains, and even put on a wedding dress and marry a star!  You'll also get to know fun film facts and celebrity news on your unforgettable journey as an A-list pal. The fun never stops rolling!

The kids really liked it.  I knew they would.  It took some coaxing to get Major to go inside though.  The wax people looked so real that he was certain they were going to start moving and grab him!  Once we convinced him that wouldn't happen, he still kept his distance from all of them.  He finally warmed up at the end with George Clooney....but even then he made sure he was a good 3 feet away.

This review is supposed to be from a child's perspective and the Wax Museum was Jake's favorite, so I will let him tell you what he thought!

Hi!  My name is Jake!  I am 12 years old!  That is me in the picture below with my sister and the crew of Star Trek!  I love Star Trek!  I don't know why....I just do.
I was super excited to go to the wax museum...but I have to admit, it was a little creepy...they all looked SO real!  I liked looking at them.  Cam didn't come....he was sick...MaKenna like looking at them.  Major did not.  Mom and dad liked reading those little blue plaques in front of each person because it said when they were born, where they grew up, shows or movies they'd been on...boring stuff like that.
Mom took this picture of some old guy named Marlon Brando because he was from Omaha....woopdeedo is what I say to that.
I want to be a Marine someday, so this was a cool picture for me to take with Ben Stiller from one of his movies.  I don't remember which one...but it was funny.
I also liked the movie Cowboys and Aliens.  This guy is from that movie...I have no idea what his name is.
These guys had really funny movies too....again...no idea their names, but they sure are funny!!  I think mom said one was Jackie something or other and the other one was Owen Wilson?
Indiana Jones was my favorite when I was a little guy...so I had to have a picture with him.  The cool thing is...all of these specifications were right on.
LOOK AT HOW TALL THIS GUY WAS compared to my mom....now...my mom is short anyway...but this guy is HUGE!
I even had my dad stand with him....and my dad is a BIG guy!  My dad is 6 foot 2!  I guess this guy is John Wayne?
This guy was big too!
There is an area that is a scary area.  My little brother and sister didn't want to go....so it was cool for them because they could "bypass" it by going through some doors.  So they didn't have to see the scary stuff...then they met us downstairs.  I was looking forward to seeing the Scream guy...and here he is!
Our family really loves Men in Black!  So I decided to be one for the day!

Pirates of the Carribean is one of my favorites too!

We had just been to the Titanic museum, so I HAD to get a picture with Leo Decaprio on the front of the Titanic!  I know...kinda AWKWARD!!!

At the end girls can put on a wedding dress and pose with this guy.  I think mom said his name was George.  Anyway....it didn't fit my sister.  I think she is too young anyway....

This is the closest that my little brother got to ANYONE in the Wax Museum the whole time!  And I think that is only because he knew we were done because the gift shop was the next stop!
I really enjoyed the wax musuem.  I want to go again!!!

So that was Jake's experience!  Once we were in the gift shop, we got to take a look at our photos that they took in the beginning with King Kong!  The kids LOVED shopping in there!

We left and walked over to the attached Castle of Chaos and Hannah's Maze of Mirrors.  Here is Major and MaKenna waiting for everyone to go to the next building.


  1. Next time you'll have to come and visit us:) http://bransonexplorespace.org/

    1. Would love to! Just let me know who to talk to and a phone number to reach them at! You can email me...jtfilleman@cox.net. My kids saw the space guy and wanted to go...but we had a full itinerary!


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