Papio Fun Park Review!

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Create fun memories with your family and friends while enjoying go-karts, miniature golf, laser tag, Spaceball, Jumpshot, arcade games, batting cages and Water Wars---a water balloon game.  Come for a game of mini golf or stay to enjoy all the fun with one of the wristband packages ranging in price from $10-$22. Through Aug 28th take advantage of Mid-Week Madness and purchase an EXTREME wristband at half price----only $11.

Nebraska Hockey Mom Readers Purchase an EXTREME wristband (regularly $22) at the Late Night Special pricing of only $15. Enjoy all day fun with unlimited go-karts, miniature golf, laser tag, Spaceball, Jumpshot and Water Wars.  Click below for your coupon!!

It was a SUPER hot Tuesda!  However, we survived!  We headed out after we ate lunch.  We got there around 12:30 and it was fairly slow.  Margaret, the owner, had suggested that Monday and Tuesday are good days to keep that in mind!  We got our wristbands and headed out first to the go-karts.  My 8 year old daughter was for the first time EVER allowed to drive one herself!  She was ECSTATIC to say the least!
All of us got in our own cars and raced.  there were 5 different cars going between the 6 of us and we had a great time.  The attendants were super accommodating and nice.  I hadn't driven go-karts in years, so my husband and I especially had a great time!

After the go-karts, we headed out back to the mini-golf area.  None of us are good at golf, so it was fun to laugh at each other and just enjoy our time together.

The golf course is laid out really neat.  Each hold is a different location.  They have Las Vegas, Detroit...all sorts of places, it was kinda neat.  My kids like the Hollywood one the best, because they liked to see where the ball would stop and what actor they would laid on (Hollywood Walk of Fame).  The Stars of each actor were not on the green, but on the side, letting my kids imagine that their ball stopped on that particular star.  Its the little things that they enjoy isn't it?  :-)

After Mini-Golf there is a water balloon launching place called, Water Wars.  This was MY favorite area and also my 5 year old sons favorite area.  We stayed here the longest I think.  We just kept going and going and going.  Sometimes there was a line so we'd wait a little bit, but never longer than 5 minutes at a us just enough time to dry off in the sun!  Since it was SUCH a warm day, it felt good to get sprayed by a water balloon popping on your cubicle's roof!  :-)  For some reason the kids got a huge kick out of spraying mom with water balloons...but I'm a good sport...I didn't mind!  I do believe I got the most wet though!  :-)

Next it was time to try out the batting cages!  My kids have all at one time or another been involved with softball, baseball or t-ball.  So this was fun for them!  On your Extreme Wristbands, the arcade and the batting cages are not included.  But it is still very reasonable.  The batting cages gave you 10 pitches per .50 cents.  That was plenty for my kids.

It was getting way to hot to be outside.  We were all red in the faces, so we went in and cooled off with some drinks.  They have drinks, candy and some food items there as well as picnic tables inside and shaded picnic tables outside to rest on.  We chose to rest inside.  The 2 littlest of my clan decided to do Space Ball and Jump Shot.  They really had fun with these two items.  They love trampolines though, so that was very amusing for them.  I even got in on the action in Jump Shot!  That was great exercise for my legs!

The older kids and I then went to laser tag.  That was very interesting!  I've done laser tag in a lot of different places before, but this was different.  Each team actually had a target on one side of the "arena" to of course you can shoot your opponents as well.  The idea is to guard your target so the other team get no hits on it.  It was a lot of fun!

After that it was more go-karts, more Water Wars....go-karts....Water Wars....go-karts....Water Wars....Space Ball....Jump Shot...Laser get the idea.  The kids had a FANTASTIC time!

Finally when it was time to go, I had to let them all do one more 5pm, I dragged them out of there!  Their only requests were, "Can we come back tomorrow??", "When can we come back?"!  They really had a great time!

Thanks to Margaret and Papio Fun Park, for allowing us to check out your establishment and have a great day of fun!

*I was given no money for this post, only tickets to get in, try it out, and give my honest review.*


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