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Good evening Nebraska Hockey Mom followers and readers!  I am pleased to be writing to you from Estes Park, Colorado!  You know the last post I wrote?  Well....I am here living what the post talked about!  Be sure to read the last post HERE if you haven't read it and seen all of the great things that Estes Park, Colorado has to offer you!  I wrote that blog post and it was time to see for myself how wonderful Estes Park is!

We took off this morning at 8:30 am.  We had a nice 8 hour took us 10 hours to get here, but we stopped a lot to walk around, run the kids around, eat, etc.  Plus we gained an hour from Nebraska to Colorado, so we got here at around 4:30.  We stopped in Loveland to meet Rhonda, a friend from US Family Guide and her kids at a park across from a beautiful lake!  It was till warm out...around 88 degrees.  Being from a mountain town myself (Flagstaff, AZ), I was expecting it to be cooler...but Rhonda told me it would drop in the short 22 miles left to drive to Estes Park.  She was right!  We stopped at Taco Bell for a bite to eat before heading up the mountain.

The 20 minute mountain drive was breathtaking.  The kids were non-stop talking.  I mean...Jeff and I may be from a mountain town, but my poor kids were born and raised in FLAT corn country!  This is AWESOME for them!  I couldn't get any of them to be quiet!  Even the one that is a "young man of few words", wouldn't hush!  The hotel was super easy to find.  We are staying in the Rodeway Inn, Estes Park.  It has fabulous mountain views on all sides, and a breathtaking lake view on one side.  The kids have loved the pool area.  It is "so big", to quote them and the hot tub is just what weary parents need after an 8 hour drive!

We got checked in, cleaned up a bit, then went on a walk around Estes Lake.  It was a beautiful scene! We went and saw the horses, played in the lake a little bit, then came back and swam in the pool.

The Rodeway Inn is a very clean hotel.  It shows its age, but they are working on renovating and updating it.  The views are absolutely breathtaking though.  We look out the window and see Estes Lake and the mountains.  Pretty nice for this flat lander.  We have everything that we need.  A table, chairs, two queen beds (of course we have 6 people...but kids don't mind sleeping on the floor with sleeping bags), a refrigerator, a microwave and coffee pot.  The bathroom is nice sized and clean.  Everything that a person needs.  We don't plan on being in the room much anyway...but when we are here it is very comfortable!  The Continental Breakfast was really good also.  My kids always love hotel waffles....plenty of orange juice and milk, and lots of fruit.  Perfect for our family!  Thanks to Rodeway Inn for the hospitality!

*Rodeway Inn did not exchange money for this post, only a free night in exchange for my honest review*


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