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Have you ever used  It is a great service!  You go to their website and buy basically Gift Certificates, to select restaurants.  For a small price that varies...but usually only $3 or can buy a Gift Certificate to your favorite restaurant....something like, "$10 off your purchase of $20 or more."  The deals vary....but they are so worth it.  I pick restaurants that I've never been to before so I don't have to pay full price!  I also buy them for my friends and family members for Anniversaries and give them a free night of babysitting or something.  I've loved using I am betting you will too!

Break free from the same-old dining routine in 2014 and try something new with the help of To help you start your own dining adventures, has compiled the 3 hottest trends to conquer at local restaurants 
near you. Resident trend-guru, President and Chief Marketing Officer Christopher Krohn provided his predictions that will grace our plate in 2014. With these trends, you're sure to have a spicy year, but only if you dare! 

1. Egg-cellent Adventures 

While it's hard to determine when this trend ignited, it's definitely picked up pace and could reach its peak of popularity in 2014. The "breakfast for dinner" craze and increasing popularity of regional specialties, like Korean Bibimbap and 
Mexican Huevos Rancheros, will only grow the trend of egg-y fusions. Plus, there's an emerging sense from the scientific crowd that eggs are healthier than perhaps you previously thought, which will feed consumer interest in this farm-fresh favorite. All in all, 2014 will be the year of the egg, so you might as well get cracking! 

We dare you: Next time you order a burger or stir fry, ask them to top it off with a fried egg or two. The added protein will help boost your metabolism and satisfy your hunger! 

2. Farm to Fork 

Diners' growing eco-awareness and their desire for the wholesome simplicity of home-style cooking and minimally-processed foods is on the rise. Riding this wave, restaurants are returning to their predecessors' roots, sourcing fresh 
produce and natural ingredients and cooking them up in a style that more closely resembles the authentic recipes that graced Grandma's kitchen table rather than modern, industrial food products. 

We dare you: When people hear "farm to fork," they immediately think of steamed vegetables, but this trend encompasses more than just radishes and such. Tender meat alternatives and locally produced cheeses are two items to look for on the menu. Don't be afraid to order something with a beet or two for an added super food bonus! 

3. Tea Time, All the Time 

Once confined primarily to Asian restaurants, tea is an increasingly popular beverage. In 2014, you'll find tea used for novel and surprising purposes. For example, ground teas like matcha and chai can be used as dry rubs and marinades 
for beef, chicken or veggies. Tea-smoked salmon and pork will both make headway in the new year, and English-style tea-time gatherings at local cafes will also be big. 

We dare you: To find these tea-fusion meals, take a trip to an Asian fusion restaurant near you and keep an eye out for tea-smoked pork, ribs, or stir fry. For an added bonus, try one of our other favorite food trends of 2014, a hot sauce like sriracha. 

Feeling brave? Why not tackle the rest of our top food trend list on the blog: Your tummy will thank you! 

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  1. As someone who loves to eat, sounds right up my alley. Saying hello from the SITS Tribe Challenge.

  2. I'm here from the SITS Tribe Challenge. I have used in the past but all of the good local restaurants that used to work with them have stopped. I currently have a $100 gift card sitting on my dresser and it is un-useable.

  3. Cool Page! I'm coming from SITS. I have thought about doing the but never actually did it but now perhaps I will give it a go.

  4. I love your blog! I'm stopping by from the SITS Tribe, is so great to meet you :)


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