Easy Canvas Prints Review

 If you didn't see my post about Easy Canvas Prints earlier you can check it out HERE.

Congratulations go out to the winner of that post!  She won her own Canvas Print!

 I absolutely love canvas prints.  I have a couple of them and I really like them.  The only down side is you can't change the picture....but it looks so much nicer and it is so fun to have them to look back on!  Mine came a few weeks ago.  It is the family one in the middle.  It is an 8X10....I probably could have gone bigger...but that is okay.
 The colors in it turned out great and the feel is wonderful!  I love that I don't have glass to clean every so often and I also don't have to worry about it falling and breaking if someone were to slam the door to the outside which has happened before.
I chose to do the wrap around picture so the sides are part of the picture.  It is really good quality!  No complaints at all!  Make sure you go to their website HERE, and get your own canvas.


I wanted to offer Nebraska Hockey Mom readers a link for UP TO 50% OFF their canvas order!  Here it is!!  Click away!!  And enjoy!!



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