Where have my Branson Posts been????

My family and I went to Branson about two weeks ago.  If you read my blog regularly, you know I am usually a bit more on top of things.  Let me tell you a little bit about my life the last two weeks...in Branson we went to Urgent Care twice for two of my kids who ended up having Strep.  Once we got home, two more got it....but one of the first ones was getting sicker even after having antibiotics.  So I took him back in...he also has Mono.  Ugh.  In three days we did three Urgent Care/ER visits for dehydration and abdomen pain.  He had IV fluids and CT Scans helping to hydrate him and showing that his spleen was indeed enlarged.  He is on his second week out of school, and he won't be playing hockey or doing Ninjutsu for several weeks.  He has lost a lot of weight because he's been unable to eat.  But, he seems to be on the upswing FINALLY.  In the mean time, my husband has come down with Strep now.  So...I am the last one.  Haven't gotten it yet....don't plan to....but that is why my posts are SOOOO slow getting out.  I apologize and hope you enjoy our Branson posts all should be coming out within the next few days!!



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