Reading Eggs Review

Have you ever heard of Reading Eggs?  A year or so ago, I did a blogger promotion with them and I really enjoyed it.  So did my kids.  At the time, my daughter was just starting to read and it helped her out quite a bit.  Now, I get to try it again and my son is just starting to learn to read.  I am super excited to see if it does as well for him as it did my daughter since all children's personalities and learning styles are different.

For those of you who HAVEN'T heard of Reading Eggs...let me tell you a little bit about it.  
My 5 year old LOVES it!  He could sit there at the computer all day if I let him, playing it!
The games it has are perfectly age appropriate and totally understandable by him, and he can't even read yet.  It has helped him with letter recognition though which he does struggle with.  It also has fun games for him that are just that, fun.  He likes the coloring games the best!

Here are a couple of testimonials from US Family Guide Bloggers:

"My daughter Emma has struggled in reading and in just a few days working with Reading Eggs she went up an entire level!"  Jennifer Billy

"My son is 4 and learned to read by age 3 using Reading Eggs. He now reads on a 3rd grade level!" Jennifer Hay

See for yourself how Reading Eggs will help your child!

Some facts to highlight for you.  The Reading Eggs program was developed by teachers, educational writers, animators and web developers.  It focuses on a curriculum that will help to keep their reading skills and it is great for children 3-12.  Reading Eggs launched their website in 2011 and in North America has seen over 500,000 subscribers and given 15 million lessons!  That is awesome!!!

Are you getting a little bit more interested??  Well, guess what?  MY READERS WILL RECEIVE A FREE TWO-WEEK TRIAL OFFER!!!!  You can register HERE.  There in no credit card required for the free two-week trial program.

This is an incredible offer.  You'll be able to see how quickly your child will learn to read using phonics and enjoying themselves!

More questions?  There are several Press Releases out there.  One of the more recent is 6/27/13 - Reading Eggs Publishes 5 Ways to Teach Children How to Read .  

They also have a customer service office in New York, and you can reach out to them with any questions, clarifications, requests, etc.: 877-661-4898,

My kids learned a lot from it and they enjoyed it while learning!  Give it a try...see what you think!

*I was given no compensation for this post, only my honest opinion was asked in exchange for a trial period to try it myself.*


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