Camp Fontanelle Review

Camp Fontanelle
Nickerson, NE

We had the extraordinary opportunity thanks to US Family Guide and Camp Fontanelle, to visit Camp Fontanelle's Pumpkin Patch!  What a fun place this is!  

Let me tell you a little bit about it:

Come and enjoy God's beauty on 183 acres of wooded hills.

 Camp Fontanelle is a facility of the Nebraska Conference of the United Methodist Church camping ministries working as partners with Comeca and Camp Norwesca.   The Camping Ministries of the Nebraska Conference of the United Methodist Church provide unique settings for INTENTIONAL CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY where persons may deepen their Christian experience, grow in understanding, and respond in faith joyfully.  Our camps offer opportunities for intentional Christian Community through hosting retreats, reunions, community events, group activities, and summer camps for all ages.  Camp Fontanelle invites you to visit Camp Fontanelle, "A Place To Grow With God In Any Season".
Camp Fontanelle is located just north of Fremont, Nebraska
They also have a Pumpkin patch from September through the first of November.  It really was a great time!

We started in the Corn Maze which was awesome!  They have it cut out in several shapes....cow heads, pig heads, horse heads....of course you can't see all of that from where you are...but if there were an aerial, that is what you would see.  At the beginning of the maze there is a fact board, as well as staff there to answer any questions you have.  They are all very friendly there.  You are also given punch cards to go through and punch at certain stations that you must find throughout the maze.  Alas...we found none...but we had 4 kids running amuck everywhere and needed to keep up with them!

Here are some statistics:
Come get lost in the corn. Our 9 acre corn maze is in its 7th year of operation. You have the option of two exits. Plan on at least 1 hour in the maze, then stay a little longer and walk over to the petting barn to meet our animal friends, bounce in the bouncer or jump on the jumping pillow, ride a pony, play in the sand or to play lawn games or Laser tag (check website for details). Campfires, concessions and weekday group events available! $1 off coupons are available online. Pumpkins are available by free will donation. NEW!!  Ride the zip lines!  Concessions are available during regular weekend hours. Check website (Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze link) for specific details or to make your group reservation any time during the week. Open to the public. 
Dates: Saturday & Sundays, September 15 through November 3, 2013
Time: 1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Cost: Age 12 & older $6; Kids (3-11years) $4   Cash or check only

We had a great time in the Maze!  Given our family size though and the varies ages of kids....we chose the short route!  I know....we are wimps.

I must say the weather that day couldn't have been better!  It was awesome!
After the Maze, we headed over to Laser Tag.  I think this was my favorite.  I do know it was my husbands favorite as well as my oldest sons favorite.  It was like no other Laser Tag we have every done.  Maybe we are out of the loop...I don't know...but I thought Laser Tag had to be in the dark.  Apparently not.

 It was in yet ANOTHER corn maze!  And instead of the traditional vests....we wore head bands that had bulbs strategically placed on the head band that detected lasers.  So, you had to get head shots.  It was pretty cool.  And there were SO many places to hide in the maze!  My five year old was certain someone would jump out at him, so he stayed right by my side...which made detecting me very easy!
 We were in the maze for 10 minutes, as you get 10 minutes per $3 I believe it was.  Once we came out we started to walk over to the Bouncing Pillows.  Those were fun!  But we had to stop at the little house first for the "little people" to play!  They really have everything there for all ages it seems!

 The Bouncing Pillows were a lot of fun too.  The only thing I would say that wasn't agreeable for my family was that we couldn't bounce together much at all...and in order for all of us to have a chance to bounce, we had to be at the pillows for a whole hour.  I understand the reasoning....they don't want the little ones to get hurt by big kids jumping, etc.  TOTALLY get was just hard with a family my size and all of the different ages of the people in my family.  They had the first 20 minutes for 0-5 year olds...the second 20 minutes for 13-adult and the last 20 minutes for 6-12 year olds.  So, my little guy had to bounce my himself, my little girl had to bounce by herself....and then my older two boys could bounce together, but my little son and little daughter didn't last long because they didn't know anybody and they didn't enjoy it as much.  I asked if they could bounce together...she is 9, he is 5....but they must have a no exceptions rule.  Which again, is fine.  I get was just kind of a bummer for them...and then a bummer for the whole family to wait an hour for everyone to be able to jump.
 My daughter is the one in the blue shirt.
 Next we headed over to the zip line.  There was quite a line though.  My two older boys were going to ride it.  So, while my husband and 14 year old were waiting in line at the zipline, just to the west of it, my little people found this rope swing!  They had a BLAST on it!
Here is my 12 year old.
 My 5 year old.
 My 9 year old.
 And me!!!                                                                

Didn't this picture turn out great!  I tell you....Camp Fontanelle would be a great place for family photos!  I was sorry that I didn't get my 14 year old in the picture!

 More swinging!

 They were still in line...and given the complexity and all that is required of the hipline, the line goes somewhat slow.  So, we decided to walk across the bridge to the other side to the Petting Barn.  On our way down we ran across these hamocks which are used for sleeping during the summer months!  HOW FUN!
 Once on the other side, MaKenna and Major found the Tryke races!

 Then they found a bouncy house!
There really is no lack of things to do!
 I was impressed by the set up that they have for their camps.  Here is a stage surrounded by camp fire "stations" and benches with a nice big cross on the side.  I would imagine the stage is used for a lot...but especially for Sunday morning worship.
 We saw peacocks, peahens....they had a Ga Ga Ball court, a Volleyball type game court.....and then finally, I saw the boys coming down the line!  Here is Jake!  This was his favorite thing of the day he said.
 Here is Cam.
 You actually get two rides.  You ride from one side....then get off...walk over to this next staircase and go back to where you started.
 There he goes!!!
 There were several of these cut outs for the kids....they always like to put their faces in them!
 Lots of this one, Tic Tac Toe, using toilet seats!  ICK!
 Ladder Ball.
 A great big sandbox which made my 5 year old happy!  And behind the sand box, if you look closely you'll see a man with a big rope.  There were lassoing things back there!  So you could practice your lassoing skills I guess!
 Then the Petting Barn.  This was my "little peoples" favorite place they said.  They love animals!  We have SEVERAL here at the house.  Now they want MORE!

 I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this picture of the Alpacas!!  It is priceless!
 Here is that volleyball game I told you about.  We didn't last long at it because we weren't really sure how to play it.  Be we played Ga Ga ball for awhile!  They played that at Timberlake and loved it, so we had a good time as a family playing it.  Now they want to build one in the backyard!  We have quite a few projects on our lists since going to Camp Fontanelle!  :-)
We truly did have a great time at Camp Fontanelle.  It was very down to earth, and had a very "homey" feel to it.  It is somewhere that we will return to for the Pumpkin Patch and it is also somewhere I am considering sending my kids to for summer camp.

I would really suggest taking a trip up there.  The drive was only about 45 minutes and it was a beautiful drive, especially with the trees starting to change colors.  it will be well worth it!

More Info:

9677 County Road 3
Fontanelle, NE 68044

Visit to make a copy of a map
Camp Fontanelle was created in 1959 by the United Methodist
Church with the main mission of creating an atmosphere of
intentional Christian community through summer camping
programs. Our faith based summer camps are available from
Memorial Day through mid-August. We have
residential camps for ages 4 -18 with preschool through
2nd graders attending with a trusted adult. Anyone can
come to camp, not just those attending a United Methodist
Church. The corn maze and pumpkin patch is a fundraising
and educational mechanism to support our main mission.
Your generosity and participation are much appreciated.
Camp Fontanelle has 183 acres of trails and nature and
now serves both adults and children through its programming.
The camp is available for other groups (scouting
retreats, reunions, confirmation retreats, youth groups,
birthday parties, etc.) for the remainder of the months.
Heated and air-conditioned facilities, lodging,
and meals are available to groups making reservations.
Programs for groups include outdoor laser tag, movie nights,
jumping pillow, zip lines, sleeping in tree boats, swimming,
water slides, challenge course, and recreational tree
climbing. Requests for information and reservations can be
made by contacting Camp Fontanelle. More information and
pictures are available on our website at
Driving Directions
FROM OMAHA: Take Maple or Dodge to Highway 275 West to
Fremont. Follow 275 bypass to north side of Fremont and then
turn right (north) on Highway 77 North. Go on Highway 77
North for about 3+ miles and then take a right (east)
on Highway 91 east for 4 miles to the village of Fontanelle.
Turn right (south) at the village of Fontanelle and go 2 miles.
The road will turn to gravel and wind a bit.
Camp Fontanelle's entrance will be on the right hand side of
the road. When you see a big barn with a green metal roof,
you are where you want to be!
FROM NORTH OMAHA/BLAIR: Take Highways 75 or 133 north
to Blair. If on Highway 133, you'll have to go north another
few miles on Highway 30 until you reach Blair.
Go west on Highway 91 to the village of Fontanelle (about
15 miles from Kentucky Fried Chicken). Turn left (south) at
the village of Fontanelle and go 2 miles. The road
will turn to gravel and wind a bit. Camp Fontanelle's entrance
will be on the right hand side of the road. When you see a big
barn with a green metal roof, you are where you want to be!
FROM LINCOLN: Take Highway 77 North through Fremont.
On the north side of Fremont by the Sapp Bros. proceed
another 3+ miles and then take a right (east) on Highway 91
east for 4 miles to the village of Fontanelle. Turn right (south)
at the village of Fontanelle and go 2 miles. The road will
turn to gravel and wind a bit. Camp Fontanelle's entrance will
be on the right hand side of the road. When you see a big barn
with a green metal roof, you are where you want to be!
FROM NORTH OF FREMONT: Take Highway 275 East or Highway
77 South to the Highway 91 East junction about 3 miles
north of Fremont. Take a left (east) on Highway 91 east for 4
miles to the village of Fontanelle. Turn right (south) at the
village of Fontanelle and go 2 miles. The road will turn to
gravel and wind a bit. Camp Fontanelle's entrance will be on
the right hand side of the road. When you see a big barn with a
green metal roof, you are where you want to be!
Opening Date: Sunday September 15, 2013
Closing Date: Sunday November 3, 2013
Hours of Operation
Saturdays  1 pm to 7 pm
Sundays  1 pm to 7 pm
Saturday October 19th  7 - 10 pm - Haunted
Friday October 25th  7 - 10 pm - Haunted
Saturday October 26th  7 - 10 pm - Haunted
Group Reservations
Please provide preferred dates and times, number of
tickets needed (adult and children), contact name,
and telephone number for confirmation.
No reservation necessary during regular hours of operation.
Click here for Reservation Form
Special Hours / Holidays
*Halloween Haunting & Movie Saturday October 19, 2013 7:00 - 10:00 pm
*Search For Treats Sunday October 20, 2013, 2:00 - 4:00 pm
*Halloween Haunting & Movie Friday October 25, 2013 7:00 - 10:00 pm
*Halloween Haunting & Movie Saturday October 26, 2013 7:00 - 10:00 pm
*Halloween Wilderness 5k Run/1 Mile Walk - 4 pm Sat. Oct. 26, 2013
Children ages 3-11  $4.00
Adults ages 12+  $6.00
Cash or Check Only  

Contact Information

General Hotline:(402) 478-4294
Phone:(402) 478-4296
Mailing Address:9677 County Road 3
Fontanelle, NE 68044
If you go online at you will see a list of events they have throughout the year.  HAVE FUN!!!

*I was given tickets to check out Camp Fontanelle.  However I was not paid for my post, all of the opinions are my own.*


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