The Werther's Original Baking Bash Mommy Party!!!

 How many of you remember Werther's Original Caramels?  I vaguely remember my grandparents chewing on these from time to time....maybe even my mom....if I remember right.  I honestly never even considered eating them.  I was never a huge fan of caramel until I got older....and even then, I rarely put it on anything.

When I was given the opportunity to host this party though, I thought, why not?  I love to bake and my kids like I thought I would give it a try!

I will never be the same again!  Werther's Original are amazing!  They are creamy and rich...and GREAT for baking!  This time of year they are great for making caramel apples too!  Werther's Originals are made with real butter and fresh cream, they are perfect for melting and incorporating into your favorite recipes.  Whether you choose to bring the kids into the kitchen for a baking play date or host a "Crazy for Caramel" recipe exchange with your favorite band of bakers, you will LOVE the decadent taste of Werther's Original Baking Caramels!

I chose to have a Crazy for Caramel Mommy Party!  There were 8 adults and 9 kids.  We had a great time!  We decided to go with Caramel Apples since it is fall!  We went out and bought a bunch of green apples and some sticks.  The recipe is actually on the bags of Baking Caramels!

First we had to get set up with the bowl, the caramels and the apples.

 Next it was time to unwrap the little individually wrapped Caramels.  Very quick and very easy.  At first I didn't understand why they were individually wrapped...but really to keep their moistness, I think they need to be.  It really wasn't a bother to unwrap them.

Then it is time to melt them.  We mixed the caramels (1 package, 9 oz) with 1 tbsp of milk.  Then popped them in the microwave for about 2.5 minutes, stirring after 1.5 minutes.

 Next you dip and swirl apples in the melted caramel mixture, using a spoon to spread it evenly.  You put them on prepared pans and refrigerate at least 15 minutes or until the caramel sets.

 They looked really good.....except.....

someone took them out too early....and....
 This is how they ended up looking.  They were still good....and there was still caramel on them....but not like it should have been.  That was our fault though.  OOPS!

 We had a great time...and I think everyone loved interacting with eachother, the caramels and the apples!  The kids played....while the moms ate straight caramel, or caramel apples!  Always a good time!  

Do be careful of the kiddos dropped an apple....on my carpet.  It doesn't come out easily!  But....they taste SOOO good!!  :-)

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"I received free Werther's Original products in order to host the Werther's Original sponsored MommyParty.  The opinions expressed here are my own."


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