My Special Mom Bag review! Item #4

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Item #4...then I have to go to bed...items number 5, 6 and 7 will have to wait!!! Sorry! I'm getting #4...Bella B Tummy to Toes Cooling Leg and Foot Cream! Yippee!!

Everytime I was pregnant, I struggled with my legs hurting...and I always wanted to find something that would help them. I did use a Mary Kay item for awhile, but it had Eucalypus smell in it, and I couldn't stomach it thanks to my pregnancy. I HAVE sampled this and I think it is great! It works like a charm. I don't have pregnant aches in my legs and feet right now, but I do have weather changing aches in my legs and feet and this really helped with those aches and pains. It has several organic moisturizers to help penetrate deep into your legs to help wtih the dry skin too. It is organic of course and does have a refreshing scent....HOWEVER...if I were pregnant, the scent I think...would bother me. Why? I have TERRIBLE morning sickness throughout MOST of the pregnancy...ANYTHING that smelled like ANYTHING makes me since this DOES have a refreshing as it may be...I think it would bother me during pregnancy. DEFINITELY does NOT bother me know...but I wouldn't doubt it if it did then. Otherwise the product DOES do what it says it will do...which means I still give it 2 thumbs up outside of pregnancy...but unfortunatly 1 thumb up and 1 thumb down for during pregnancy.


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