Paperspring review

Hi all! I know I have done a review on Paperspring before...but I feel so strongly about their product that I thought I would let you all know again! They have a ton of options for your photo needs...and even non-photo needs. They sent me some samples of their cards and the paper that they are printed on is very solid, sturdy and professional looking. Their newest cards also are Paperlink-enabled...which means you can turn to the back of the card to view bonus material...meaning you can scan the "widget" with the free Paperlinks iPhone app or visit and enter a special code. I don't have an iPhone, so I went to the website and entered the special code that was on the back of the sample card. This particular sample card was a birth announcement. It simply said that the child was born and his "stats". When I put the code in at the website though it went WAY into more detail. It was very having a little diary online attached to the card you get. Very cool! So, lets say you want to do a Christmas card. You do the regular picture as usual on the pretty photo paper. I do that every year...but then I put in a Christmas letter. With this...I can post my christmas letter online at Paperlinks onthe Paperspring website and my cards will go out with that code so that when people get it, they can read my Christmas letter on line. VERY NEAT!

I was very impressed with this new technology...and I DID order some Christmas pictures from them, but I got it on sticky paper. Now my Christmas picture can hang anywhere in someones house. It isn't a is more like the static cling...but I thought it would be a nice change for my family and friends....and the quality is fantastic!~

Paperspring DEFINITELY gets a thumbs up from me!!!

Check them out!!!!!


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