My Special Mom Bag review! Item #3

For info on this "mom" bag review...check out my earlier posts here and here!

Now for item #3! The Baby K'tan! Now...I did not actually receive this product to review...but I DID receive an informational packet on it, and a Baby K'tan hat. I also have known people that have had Baby K'tan's...or a knock off brand. Let me just say this first off...if you can figure it looks FANTASTIC! I for one am not good at figuring things like that out. I couldn't even figure out the one that they lay in! makes me nervous to have them just hanging in there without clips and buckles. Just me. It looks AWESOME though. If I had a newborn and could get over my fears, I would definitely have to try it! The hat they sent is made out of the same material and it is a VERY well made, soft, sturdy hat. The material is very durable...that part would not worry me at fact, it is such a soft material, I wouldn't mind being swaddled in it! This looks like a fabulous product though...there are SO many different ways to use it....9 positions to use from 8-42 pounds to be exact (according to their literature...I notice their website says only 35 pounds). If I wanted to...I could STILL use it with my 3 year old! He is only 36 pounds. I can't imagine WANTING to use it with him...but I could!!! This would also be a great product for us breastfeeders. I always struggled to find a product that was conducive for that. it is! Having not personally tried it, I can't honestly say that I love it...but...after reading the info...feeling the material and seeing others...I would have to give it my 2 thumbs up!!!


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