My winnings since May!

I meant to start posting these as soon as I started winning...but time got away from I am going to back post from May to now on my winnings throughout blog land. From here on out though, I would like to post monthly. Why am I posting about the thing I am winning? Am I gloating?? NO! Absolutely not! BUT...I want you to see how FUN, how EASY, and how very little time it takes to win a ton of free things for you and your family! My Christmas has been pretty well taken care of thanks to my blog entries! I have had to spend very little money this year which has been a HUGE blessing! I don't like to give the kids, or even me, things that have been won right away....I don't want them to be spoiled. Some of the the vaccuum...were badly needed so I used them right away, but most of the things I have kept in my gift cabinet and I am giving them to the kids...or myself...or someone else special on the holidays or their birthdays, etc. So here is the lowdown:

Rainbow Brite CD-ROM game
Survivor Book
Homestead, IA fiction book
Queen Latifah book (GREAT book by the way)
Corner Art
4 tickets to the circus!
Total: $276.00

Blog Design (This is when we became Nebraska Hockey Mom)
200 coupons
2 Adventureland Tickets
2 Legoland Annual Passes
Coast Guard T-shirt
She Colors My World T-shirt
Positive Days DVD
Prize Pack
Balloonamaniacs DVD
Total: $614

Organic prize pack
Radius Intelligent Toothbrush
I love Bacteria shirt
$100 Suzie D Photography gift card
$50 Lea Sophia Jewelry gift card
$50 Paperspring gift card
Jensen Project Prize Package
Super Hero Squad Show DVD
Hooked on Phonics Set
Celebrationshoppe party set
Total: $467

Flip Flops
Zebra Pen Pack
Zebra Pen
Barney DVD
Crayola Travel Set
Smartyrents 3 months service
Amaze of Grace bok
100 post cards (I used these for my piano business)
Total: $183

Rubbermaid Reveal Mop (THE BEST!)
NachoMama T-shirt
Nachomama T-Shirt again
Band Angels Set
3 Baby Prodigy DVDs set
History Instant experts DVDs
Total: $130

Rubix Cube
$75 gift card to
12 free 5X7 photo cards
Scooby Doo Camp DVD
What good is God Book (sounds bad...but it is Philip Yancy and is good!)
Shutterfly Greeting photo cards (christmas cards!)
Goosebumps DVD
Tuck me in Book
Diamond Earrings (which I promptly lost one! :-( )
30 Day Method Book and DVD
Wall Art
Total: $264

You've Been Sentenced game
Fred CD and DVD
Phonics Fantasy DVD
100 photo magnets (piano business again)
Pedialax Gummies
Dora Magazine subscription
$50 CSN gift card
Mom Calendar
Total: $168

SO FAR in December
Santa Letters
Pinebough Candelabra
$25 gift card to retail stores
$50 gift card to Bea's Gift baskets (they were out of the one I picked, so she gave me one that was $10 more!)
Total SO far: $230

So total winnings since May is $2,332.00

Not too shabby for a stay at home mom right? are always on the computer. No...not really. I spend a lot of time on it at night when the kids go to bed...but not all of it is entering giveaways....I do a lot of e-mailing friends, family and church obligations....I also have my family blog and this blog. So...really I am not on the computer ALL that much. I have a special program that makes entering giveaways THAT much easier too! It fills a lot of the info out for me. It is called Roboform. Very handy...and a must if you are going to be entering a lot of giveaways. I want to give credit where credit is due. I have only a handful of blogs that I subscribe to and that is where I do a lot of winning. Once in awhile I will enter giveaways that aren't within my normal "scope"...but for the most part, I stick with the same circle. Here is the list of those blogs I have won from. Most...if not ALL of these have buttons on the left hand side of this blog.

CoastGuard Wife
Candid, Clever, Cost effective
Heck of a Bunch
An Island Life
Bragging Mommy
Bittersweet Existence
Traci 66
Granny Loves Giftbaskets
Guessing all the Way
Wishing Penny
Frugal Plus
Fabulous Family Reviews
Kelly's Lucky You
Enjoy Life, Enjoy Now
Mama's Money Savers
Mommies with Cents
Buzzing Mom
Coupons Are Great
Rockin' Deals
Bewitchin Kitchen
Dirty Truths
Frugal Mom Knows Best
SuperMommy Reviews
Audreys Giveaways
Giveaway Blogdom
Bargain Mom
Aubut Life
Holiday Gifts and More

Okay...I guess that is more than just a handful...but that is about it. Don't forget all of the wonderful things that I have gotten for free for reviewing too!!! I didn't count all of that. I have gotten tickets to Mickey Live for the whole family...I have reviewed children's websites that I get free subscriptions to, I have reviewed lip glosses, makeup, deodarant, Fiber Gummies, Eye drops, DVDs, Clothing, etc. Because my number of followers isn't very high, I don't get the HUGE reviews and giveaways...but I love what I can do.

I also do a few surveys here and there, or review something like a TV show. I get compensation for doing that by Target Giftcards, or Amazon giftcards...usually $25 at a time.

So...if you have the time, and want to have fun, make money, win things....try entering blog land....I have really enjoyed it! I bet you would too!


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