My Special Mom Bag review! Item #2

For more info go to my #1 post here. Before I go on...I just want to say that some of these items I might be able to have giveaways with if I had over 100 who do you know who would love to follow a quirky, not so busy blog???? Send them over!!!

Okay....Item #2: Another favorite of mine....the Halo SleepSack Swaddle. I received one of these with my 4th son. It was a knock off brand though...this is the ACTUAL Halo SleepSack. Now...I haven't tried it because I no longer have a newborn...but let me say about the is fabulous. I loved the one I had for my son. I wasn't concerned about suffocation because there were no blankets in his crib and I wasn't concerned that he would be too warm or too cold. The Halo SleepSack though is MUCH softer and more than likely more durable then my knock off brand was. It feels fabulous! This one has the swaddle aspect to it too...whereas mine did not. So basically when baby is really little...they like to be swaddled. This acts not only as a sleep sack, but as a swaddler. Once baby outgrows swaddling, it then is a regular sleep sack...which is essentially a wearable blanket. It helps reduce the riosk of SIDS by replacing loose blankets in the crib. AWESOME item! I would recomment this to any parent, new or seasoned.


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