My Special Mom Bag review! Item #1

Recently I received a "Mom" bag full of goodies to review. Okay...not so recently. has been sitting by my desk now probably for a couple months. It has been a busy couple of months my defense. Anyway...better late then never...right? So I thought I would take this time before midnight...while the house is quiet and the blizzard is still going strong outside, to do some reviewing. I have read up on and/or tried the products already...I just haven't had the time to actually write the review yet. Anyway....I received 7 items in the bag. Yeah me! So there will be 7 posts...why? Its just easier with the texts and the pictures...yadda, yadda, here goes!

Item number 1:
My personal favorite...the Puddle Jumper Life Jacket! WOW! I have to say...I LOVE this item! This adjustable, comfortable life jacket features buckle snaps in the back, fits kids 30-50 pounds and is US Coast Guard Approved. It is made by Stearns...The Life Jacket Experts. It is great for the Lake, pool, beach...anywhere that you might be to help your kiddo learn to swim.
I used it on my 2 year old this summer and it worked wonderfully! He is a VERY obstinant child and WILL NOT wear things like life vests....but he allowed me to put this life jacket on without a fight and he kept it on! It worked like a helped me feel safer, and it did its job. The ONLY pitfalls were: Weird tan lines...but I'll take weird tan lines over losing my baby any day. The other pitfall....once in awhile, the arms would slip down on one I would find myself readjusting him. Maybe if I had tighted it around the waist that would not have happened? I don't know. We will be using it at the lake this we'll see how it does then too. But...I ABSOLUTELY would recommend this item! It was FANTASTIC in my book!


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