Mom Package, No-Spill Cup review and New Mom Rebalancing Drops Review

Onward we go with the reviews of things I got in my Mom's package!!

Remember...I was not compensated for any of these reviews. The reviews are my own words and my own feelings!

The first thing is the Nuby No-Spill Cup! It is brillant! I love it! Major goes through his sippy cups SO fast, I am ALWAYS in need of new ones. I was ecstatic when I received this. He has used it and he loves it...and so does mommy! No spill is right! A little about it:

-The spout is made of soft silicone designed to prevent drops and spills.

-Has a pressure sensitive Vari-Glo which regulates fluid intake with sucking action of the child. When the child stops sucking...the valve closes...BRILLIANT!

-The cup is made from clear, break resistant plastic.

-BPA Free

All in all, it is a fantastic sippy cup! I would DEFINITELY buy one...and should I need another one, I most definitely WILL buy this same one! Definitely worth the money!! A+++ recommendation!! My kid is HARD on things....and he has yet to hurt this one!!

NEXT....IntelliCeuticals Herbal Supplement, New Mom Rebalancing Drops!

I am a mom...but not a NEW mom. I am about 1.5 years out of that I have NOT tried this. But let me tell you a little bit about it.

-It is an herbal supplement

-Supports the health and hormone levels of mom after childbirth

-Contains Don Quai root, Dill seeds, and Ginger root

-Not recommended however, DURING pregnancy...strictly for the hormonal balance and vitality AFTER childbirth.

-Contains no gluten, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives

As a mother of 4, I can say that had I known about this product after ANY of my pregnancies, I would have given it a try. Anyone who has had children knows how hard it is to get your body back into it's normal self...and that includes hormones. The hormones are going WACKO after childbirth...they aren't quite sure what to do. It sounds like this product can redirect them though, sooner rather than later. Can it help with postpartum depression? I don't know...great question. But I think it is worth a try. It is herbal, so your risks are small. Post partum depression is caused to the hormonal fluctuations though, so it may help. Hard to say. I think it would be worth a try though.

Like I said, had I known about this product, I would have given it a try. As soon as I have another baby, or one of my friends has one...they will try it (because I am not having anymore babies), and I will let you know then for sure, how it works!


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