Bruder, Safe Toys Made in Germany review

Bruder Toys sent me a DVD to view about their toys and how they are made. I have to say I was very impressed. I would have liked to have gotten my hand on one of their toys to feel and see for myself...but this DVD was fascinating. Have you ever watched "How is it made" on cable? I think it is on the Discovery Channel? Anyway...this DVD tells us how Bruder got started, all that good stuff, and how their toys are made. It is very interesting!!!
The toys are made in Germany, and made under the most up to date conditions which are continuously inspected during production for quality and functionalism. They comply with the European and US safety standards for toys and have been provided with the CE seal of approval. Their slogan is "Just like the real thing." After seeing everything that they make and how they make things, I would have to say, I agree. They painstakingly make mini versions of the real thing. They are very tedious about basically make a miniature of the real thing....and turning it into a toy. They have Ladder Fire Trucks that actually spray water, garbabe trucks that actualy have moving parts to dispose of the garbage, etc. The list could go on and on. I have to admit....watching this DVD and watching the kids on the DVD play with the little mini versions of what we see on our roads, made me want to get down in the dirt with them and play too!!!! And it isn't like these are little matchbox trucks. These are BIG! Most of them are about half the size of the child playing with them. That's what makes them so fun...with all their moving parts, etc.
If you have a husband, uncle, grandpa that works with trucks...or even policemen or firemen....garbage name it, Bruder has it....but what a great present that would be for the boy in your life. If grandpa is a fun for him to have a firetruck just like grandpa's! Make sure you check out their website at You won't be sorry!!!


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