Get Ready With Freddie DVD review and GIVEAWAY!!!

Get Ready with Freddie is a great tool from the Home Safety Council that helps kids and families to be prepared! It is really cute. Freddie is the flashlight...and he is also the narrator. It is a short DVD that helps kids to know the importance of being prepared. As a parent it is important to watch it with your kids, because I actually learned something from the DVD too! Especially in this part of the county, it is important to know when it is "ready to stay" and "ready to go". It is always important to be prepared wherever your "safe zone" might be. For example....lets be honest many of you ACTUALLY have bottled water, flashlights, battery operated radio and canned food in your "safe zone" in your house? My "safe zone" is under the stairs. I have NONE of that stuff! In the old house, I used too...but I never got around to stocking this house with that stuff. It is also important to have stuff like that in your car...or at least in a duffle bag or backpack by the door...or in the garage, so you can grab it if you have to go somewhere safe. It may seem a little silly at first...because the chances that you will have to use these things is probably hopefully none. But....if you DO have to use this stuff and Freddie's will be SO happy that you have that stuff. It is ALWAYS better to be prepared, than to be unprepared.

These DVDs are in English AND Spanish

Now...the giveaway!!!!

I have THREE of these DVD's to giveaway! So 3 lucky Hockey Mom readers will win one of these DVD's!!


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  2. After the "hur-nado" two years ago, we learned the value of our preparation. We had flashlights and candles when there was no electricity. We have an old fashioned phone with a cord that plugs into the wall so we could have telephones (cordless won't work without electricity). I hope our kids saw the value of preparation.

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  4. Here in FL it's important to be prepared at all times. We have severe thunderstorms that pop up all the time. Just last night the power went out bc of one of these storms. It's great to have food, water, flashlights/candles, and games on hand so the kids don't freak out. :)

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