Bummis Cloth Diapering Review

The next and final installment in the Mom Bag! I will be having some giveaways of products that were in the Mom Bag coming up...so stay tuned!!! I will have other products coming up for giveaway soon too!!

Okay! This next item is a Re-Useable Diaper! It is from Bummis.com. I don't know if you ever tried cloth diapers before....I have. The ones I tried were messy, and to me...not worth it...so I moved to Pampers. This cloth diaper is TOTALLy different!

If these were available when my 11 year old was born, I think things would have been different. These are fantastic!! Here are some points:

-It's re-usable

-It's one size (8-35 lbs)

-It's soft and silky...truly!

-It absorbs a great amount of liquid very quickly (rayon from bamboo absorbs 70% faster than cotton)

-It's very easy!

-It's very easy to wash!

-It's really cute!

-It's made in the Tots Bots factory in Glasgow in TOTALLY ethical conditions

-It's environmentally friendly!

Why would we want to use re-usable diapers though?

-GARBAGE!!!! Every baby in cloth diverts at least a ton of garbage from landfills! A TON!!!!

-MONEY!!!! Even 24 of these diapers will save parents around $2000 per baby!!!!

-EASE!!!!! They are easy to use and wash...and if you use with flushable liners, there is even no reason to RINSE your diapers!

*************SECRET***************This is going to be one of my giveaways coming up....stay tuned......don't miss out on this one!!!!!!!!!

-Remember....EVERYTHING I write in my reviews is 100% my opinion! These product were offered to me to try and review if I chose...no compensation was given.


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