Second Grade Writing Prompts for Seasons review

My daughter LOVES to write.  She has such an active imagination!  But...sometimes she gets stuck.  With Second Grade Writing Prompts for Seasons, it helped her to think outside the box.  One of her favorite questions was,  "After a chilly day of leaf raking, what would be your ideal fall
meal to warm you up? Would it be a soup or a stew? A baked lasagna or meatloaf? Explain your meal in great detail using all five senses to relay your experience."  She really went all out on her description.  To have power over what she would gave her ALL sorts of ideas!!!  I enjoy these books as it really helps my kids to dig deeper into their writing.  It helps them to access the part of their brains that maybe they closed off once they left the school building!  I enjoy it because it helps them in writing, it helps them imaginatively and it keeps the house quiet for an extended period of time!  :-)

Bryan Cohen has MANY other writing prompts books.  Quite a few to choose from!  Do a search on for all of his books.  You will be happy you did!

*This review is my honest take on this book.  I was not compensated for anything.  I was only given the opportunity to view the book prior to making my review.*


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