Courageous Teens Book Review

I had the wonderful pleasure to review this book Living For God As Courageous Teens by Michael Catt and Amy Parker.  I absolutely loved the movie Courageous, so when I was asked to review this book, I thought what a great opportunity to read a book helping teens to be courageous!  Yes...I know I am no longer a teen, but I have a teen in my house and a tween...and two more coming up after I felt that it would be a great book to read, get insight from, and then pass on to my teens, one by one.

The book actually has 4 sections.  Courageous Faith, Courageous Leadership, Courageous Priorities and Courageous Influence.  Each section begins with a "script" referring to the topic, and then the author explores the examples of people in the Bible who displayed great courage when playing it safe would have been easier.  To quote the Intro section of the book, "Each section begins with a segment of Joshua's story of courage and throughout we explore other leading examples of courage in the Bible.  Esther and Moses, Daniel and Jesus, each story challenges us to keep moving forward.  They cause us to examine our priorities and deal with anything that brings fear to our hearts.  They call us to have a faith that matches our mountains."

I am not a teen, and I NEED this book!  I was pretty excited getting started.
One of the best parts of the book was in the first chapter.  It reads, "Courage doesn't mean the absence of fear, but responding in spite of fear....Fear is the enemy of faith.....Courage will place you in a battle that fear would run from, but faith stands firm knowing that God is "your shield.""


In case you didn't realize it, but Michael Catt, the author was actually the executive producer of Courageous, Fireproof, and Facing the Giants....GREAT Christian movies with fabulous stories to tell. He is an incredible author and an equally incredible man of God.  His writing is not hard to follow, he is very clear and concise.  He tells us how it is and doesn't sugar beating around the bush with him!  

I would highly recommend this book to anyone with a teen to either read for yourself and/or give it to your teen.  Anyone can benefit from the truth in this book.

*I was given a copy of this book for reviewing purposes only.  I was not compensated monetarily and all of the opinions in this post are mine.*


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