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I got the wonderful opportunity to review a little something called Kelly Kits.  It is a type of play activity for you and your kids!  Before I tell you about it, I want to make sure that you know that you can enter a contest with Kelly Kits through November 16th where there will be 10 annual memberships valued at $99.90 each given away!!  As a bonus, everyone who enters will get a promotional code for ONE FREE kit (one-time $2.49 shipping fee applies).  After you've read all about Kelly Kits, come back and enter HERE.  The winner will be drawn on November 19th and announced on their Facebook page.  If you win, you will also get an e-mail.  I will also be posting the winners here.


My name is Kelly Hanson and I’m the “momprenuer” behind Kelly Kits. I am so excited to participate in this blogger event with US Family Guide. Thank you for the opportunity to reach your networks!

A little about me... I am from San Antonio, Texas where I live with my two amazing daughters Rhapsody age 6 and Violet age 4. I am a hard working single mom as well as a home schooling mom! Rhapsody will start 2nd grade studies in the fall and Violet will begin a Kinder curriculum.

Kelly Kits began about 4 1/2 years ago right before my second daughter Violet was born. A dear friend’s daughter was about to turn two and I was gift shopping. So I asked my friend what kind of gifts she was interested in. She said, “You know, we just have so many clothes and toys already, what I really need is something fun and creative I can do with my daughter.” My brain exploded at the word creative (cause it’s kinda my middle name) and I set to work on creating a box filled with age appropriate art play activities. Each activity was conveniently packaged in a ziplock baggie containing every possible ingredient and and instruction card. I knew my friend and her love of convenience products, so I wanted to make it as EASY as possible for her to grab a “baggie” and sit down at the table for some quality fun time.

Well, it was a little bit of a hit! The Kelly Kits idea was born. I know too many well intentioned, yet overwhelmed moms who pour through Pinterest, internet pages, and library books to find great projects to do at home with the kids who just get too busy to plan and gather all of those materials! I have done it for them! For me - and for you!

Kelly Kits is an all inclusive art play curriculum for children 2-102. Every art play activity focuses on a simple art techniques in painting, sculpting, drawing, print-making, and collage. I have also included enrichment ideas that add an educational layer to the art play experience making it especially engaging for older children. Our subscription features one kit a month with access to contests, our online community and instructional videos for only $9.99 - shipping and handling included!!!

The Kelly Kits philosophy values process over product. The time spent engaged in art play is far more valuable than any actual art that is created. These are not activities to keep the kids out of your hair. (That’s what technology is for!) I want to challenge parents to spend quality time their their children. Kelly Kits is as much about art play as it is creating bonding moments for parents and children thus helping to create stronger, healthier, happier families.

I’m also excited to share a change that is coming this October. The look of our packages will change just slightly accommodating more materials and we will include two masterpiece challenges aimed at older kids 6-12. This will increase Kelly Kits versatility! While we are excited to feature these fun and inspiring ideas, we also want to emphasize that kids need only to follow the rules (your rules, Mom, for creating art at home!) not the directions! If your children feel inspired to use the materials differently than what is suggested - we encourage it! We want a generation of creative minds - not just direction followers!!!!!

Thank you, again, for this great opportunity! 
Have a blast!
Kelly Hanson

Here is a video about Kelly Kits:

My son Major is 4.  He LOVES anything crafty.  This was a great opportunity as I am doing Pre-School with him here at home, to show him how to make his very own clay (play-do essentially).  It was SUPER easy...and Kelly had fantastic directions.  I couldn't have messed up if I tried.  First I watched the video on line, then I followed the directions and we got busy making our clay.  Major loved doing the measurements and making the clay "by himself".  Once it was cooled off, we enjoyed rolling our fingers through it.  It was a little greasier than play-do, but a lot softer and easier to shape.  My creations are the GREEN awareness ribbon and the cross.  Major decided to do something a little different and actually make a face for his pumpkin!

 I thought it was pretty creative and imaginative for a 4 year old!!!  All in all, we enjoyed our time with Kelly Kits.  Not only did we have fun, but there was so much learning involved for him, and teaching for me!  It was fabulous!  Thanks Kelly Kits!  Don't forget to go back to the top and go enter their drawing!!!!

(I received no compensation for this post, only the kit to try and to give my honest review of the product)


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