The Happy's Review!


Mom's and kids alike have fallen head over heals for The Happy's™, the newest sensation from Cepia, makers of ZhuZhu Pets! The Happy's are an adorable and remarkably real new line of interactive motorized plush pets. From doing tricks for Happy Treats to racing after their Chase & Play ball, The Happy’s really play with you!  #TheHappys

They are SO cute!  My kids have gone gaga over them!  Even the 15 year old boy things they are "so cute!"  We were very excited when we were asked to review and post about them!  We weren't really sure what to expect.  We have Zhu Zhu pets, we have other interactive toys....but The Happy's are a step above the rest!  TRULY!

We had a "The Happy's" party!  We had 8 adults here and 13 kids!  It was a FULL house!  They all played with The Happy's at different times and they even had the opportunity to make their own dog or cat ears!  I was having so much fun though I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked....but here are a few!!

 The little yellow ball is SO cool!  Once turned on, it rolls around on its own.  The Happy pet follows the ball as if it were playing a game of fetch.  Once it gets the ball, it plays with it until the ball decides to move is so neat!  

There is also a clicker that comes with each pet.  You can click when you want the pet to move towards you or not...similar to training a LIVE pet.  My kids have absolutely loved playing with these pets....more so then any other interactive pet.  I have no doubt that yours will too!

 The kids had a ton of fun playing with them!  Then they made their own ears!  Here is one example of a set that was made!

If you'd like more information, please go to their website at  You can also watch these videos below!

The Happy’s dance, director’s cut:
Wiggle N Woof Music Video -
Meet The Happy's TV Commercial -

 *No monetary exchange was done.  I was given some "Happy's" to play with and review with my honest opinion.*


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