Erth's Dino Zoo Live

Erth's Dino Zoo Live
At the Holland Center in Omaha, NE

Major and I had the GREAT opportunity to take our Mommy/Son date to see Erth's Dino Zoo Live!  Thanks to Omaha Performing Arts! (@operformingarts) What fun we had!!!  Erth's Dino Zoo hails from Australia!  Major asked me a couple times why "that lady sounded funny."  I liked her accent!  He did too....he just never got to here the Crocodile Hunter, so it was a new one for him!  He is going to write his thoughts towards the end.  But I am going to start!

We started out our date at Applebees....little man's fave restaurant!  Can't complain there!  We had spent the whole day at the Zoo since it was over Spring Break, so he was pretty tired.  After dinner, we took the 15 minute drive to downtown Omaha.  Major fell asleep as soon as we were out of the parking lot of Applebees.  

We parked and Major woke up and said, "WOW!  We are in the CITY???  How long was I asleep!?"  Silly boy!  It was only a 15 minute drive and he acted like he had never been to downtown Omaha before!  Such a stinker!  Anyway, he was amazed by the downtown area which made me giggle nonstop.  It was as if he had NEVER been to Omaha before!

He was still pretty tired and was acting like he didn't feel the best, but he still managed to get his face painted....

.....and geodes crushed!  He got a really pretty one!!!

And of course....what kind of a show would this be without a "gift shop"?  We had made it to the Holland Center about an hour early for all of this fun pre-show stuff!  Major had a great time!

Then into "the Dino Zoo" we went.  It was a smaller room.  The kids sat on the floor.  Major opted to sit with me on a chair.  He was a little bit unsure of all of this.  He's always been mesmerized by Dino's....but he has also always had a healthy fear of them, so he was pretty nervous.  He kept asking, "Are they alive mom?"  "Are you sure mom?"  Stuff like that.

 First they brought out the baby dinos!  She asked if anyone wanted to touch the babies....Major was NOT about to raise his hand.  I have to admit, I was a little surprised that he was terrified of the BABIES!

Next came the pre-historic "dragon-fly"!  That is the actual size that they were.  ICK!

Then this cute little mischievous guy!  Major got a kick out of him....but still kept his distance.

Next, Triceratops!  Major LOVES Triceratops!  This was Majors favorite!  He was grinning from ear to ear....but still wouldn't participate.  It was really neat how they did all of this.  For example, the little guy above was controlled by the person standing behind it.  Much like the cheetas are controlled in Lion King on Broadway if you've ever seen it.  The Triceratops as well as the T-Rex had people in them.  If you look closely at the Triceratops back legs, you can see the legs of the person inside.  everything worked so well though, the eyes, the movements of the head, the body, etc.  It was truly amazing!

Then T-Rex.....BABY T-Rex came out (all of these animals were to scale...however, due to the sheer size of them, most of them were babies or young dinos).  Major was well.....

...lets just say it was a little loud for him.

I thought T-Rex was pretty cool.  Here you can see the mans legs much better.

It was a very informative time.  I learned things about dinos that I didn't even know before!  She put everything in language that preschoolers would understand....maybe thats why I learned something!  LOL!

At the end we got to meet the babies....I had to go meet one....

Major?  Not so much....this is where he was the whole time I was "meeting" the babies.

I'll let Major give you his 2 cents worth now....then I come back and close.

Erth's Dino Zoo Live
By Major Filleman
As told to Mommy

What did you think Major?
                    -"It was good!"

What was your favorite dino?
                    -"The one with the horns (Triceratops)!"

Tell me in your own words about it.
                   -"It was a dinosaur show.  The dinos weren't real, no real animals, they were puppets.  A puppet is a thing that you have on your hand and on your body.  It was my favorite show ever.  The dinos were big and small.  The announcer was nice.  I was a little scared, so I sat on the chairs with the grown ups.  The other kids were on the floor, well, there were others on chairs too.  I didn't meet any of the dinos because I was scared.  The dinos were loud, too loud for me.  Mom had fun too!  We learned a lot about dinos.  That one bug was BIG!  I wouldn't like that bug in my house!  I loved it!"

Would you go back? 

Well, there you have it.  From the babes mouth!  If it is in your area, and you are able to attend, I would absolutely suggest it!  You will love it!!

*I was given tickets from Omaha Performing Arts to attend and give my honest opinion, no monetary exchange was made.*


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