Coobie Seamless Bras Review

Seamless Bra Review

What is a Coobie Seamless Bra?
-An Ultra comfortable, supportive bra that provides shape and comfort for everyone who wears one.
-Comes in 3 strapped styles (Scoopneck, V-neck with lace trim and a Scoopneck with lace panel).
-3 strapless styels and 3 fixed strap Comfort Styles (3 sizes).

Will I get a Uniboob??  Or will it squash me?

Where can I wear it? can be worn in place of a cami or tank.  
-It won't ride up or get lumpy.  
-Makes for a smoother look.
-More comfortable then regular bras, but dressier and less confining then a sports bra.
-Wear it everyday and as an attractive layer under tops and dresses.
-Great to sleep in and do light exercise.
-Great for post augmentation procedures.
-Perfect for moms to be and nursing moms.
-Great layers piece to cover ones cleavage.
-88% Nylon and 12% Spandex.

Are bras the only thing I can get at the Coobie Store??

As seen in InStyle, Shape, Elle and Ladies HomeJournal magazines!

MY TAKE: pictures!  :-)

I am VERY picky about my bras.  Why?  I am very small chested....but have a bigger the small cup sizes that I should be wearing are hard on my back, etc because I feel like they are cutting into my skin.  Basically...they don't fit me around well.  So...I have my favorite brands that don't do that.  In addition...since I am small chested, I like to wear push up bras.  So I am very picky.

I was a little leery about these.  When I saw them on the models in the magazine, they looked fabulous! I knew they wouldn't look like that on me...and they don't....but I DID fall in love with these bras!  They are SO comfortable.  I don't even really know I have a bra on.  It did take a little getting used to because I am used to that thin piece of material going around my back.  These are thicker and much comfier!  They ARE padded....not push up...but they are padded and that is good.  They are a lot like sports bras...but a lot more comfortable and not so squishing!

I can't wait to try out their other products!  I am absolutely sold on these.  Now...if they could make a push up Coobie Bra....I'd be set for life!!!

*I was given no compensation for this post...only a bra to try and give my honest review.*


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