Paul Sereno, The Dinosaur Hunter

Paul Sereno
The Dinosaur Hunter
at the
Holland Center
in Omaha!
Thanks to Omaha Performing Arts, my 15 year old son Cam and I got to go on a "date" to see Paul Sereno, the Dinosaur Hunter.
I chose to take my oldest son because he has bearded dragons, anoles, geckos, etc., in his room, and one day he would like to work in genetics.  He has always loved dinosaurs and anything related to it, so I thought he would enjoy it...though I must say...I was a little nervous.  After all, he is 15, and I knew this would be similar to a college lecture.

First things first....he chose our dinner location, and like my youngest son...he chose Applebees.  For some reason, my kids LOVE Applebees!

After a really nice dinner and great talk at Applebees, we headed downtown to the Holland Center.  We got pretty decent parking and got there a touch early.  So, we just looked around.  Cam is really into Parkour, and he and his friend had been downtown doing that before, right near the Holland Center, so he showed me all the great places he had Parkoured in.

I love the downtown area.  I really enjoyed looking out the windows and the Holland is SUCH a beautiful center inside and out.  We enjoyed just walking around and checking things out.

The inside of the Holland is very pretty too!  I managed to snap a few quick pictures.  This is the same place that we were for the Jillian Michaels show and the same building as the Dino Live show, but not the same room. 

Paul Sereno with National Geographic....he was an incredible speaker...but it was VERY much like a college lecture.  I recently started back at school to get my masters, so I felt right at home!  :-)  I was worried about my son...but I later learned I didn't need to.

Mr. Sereno was VERY informative.  He came equipped with videos and lots of slides.  It was very the point that I came home and googles several things that I had questions about.  He did use a lot of BIG Scientific words that flew right over my head, but I could catch the gist of it.

He held a question/answer time afterward and then even brought a couple fossils to show us and let us see and touch after the show.

Cam and I didn't stick was a school night and it was rather late....but we stayed for the whole thing including the question/answer part which I figured Cam would have asked at that point if we could leave...but he didn't.

When we left he was talking all about how cool that was and how he learned so was not boring at all and on and on.  Cam is a very straight faced boy, so I had NO idea he had been having such a great time!  I'll let him tell you the rest.  I will say though...if you have a dino lover in your family, his lecture is WELL WORTH the visit!!! is Cam in his own words.....

Paul Sereno, this guy, is pretty awesome, as is his show. Being a man/boy of science, I found all of his discoveries and stories simply fascinating and left me in thought hours after the show. Now, you may be thinking, "Pf, who wants to sit in an auditorium for 4 hours listening to guy talk about fossils?" YOU DO BECAUSE THIS GUY IS (word) AMAZING! He talks about subjects such as Super Croc, the earliest dinosaurs, multiple theories of how adaptation occurred and countless other things. Honestly time flew by when I was sitting there, and, surprisingly, I didn't get bored, which is odd for me noting I can't stay awake through a hour-and-a-half class. Just, go watch this guy and see for your self.

P.S. Sorry for my unorthodox writing style, I have a very short attention span.

-Cam F.

*I was given two tickets in exchange for my honest review, no monetary compensation was given.*


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