Mobile Mom Magazine Review

Mobile Mom Magazine Review
If you read my blog on a regular basis, you will have seen a post for a Mobile Mom Magazine Giveaway. If you missed it, CLICK HERE. You still have a few days to get in on the giveaway, so DON'T miss out!!!!
Here is my review from that post...with some added things since then as I've been able to look into the Magazine App a little deeper!

How many times have you been at the doctor's office....or waiting in an ENORMOUS line at the grocery store and you had a moment to look some important information up about being a mom?  A LOT if you are anything like me.  Now....I don't go to the doctor's office or the enormous line at the grocery store and think..."I am ready to learn!"  No....instead, I just take out my iPhone and look at something on my screen...usually something like Candy Crush or something that will not help me in the future.  Welcome Mobile Mom Magazine!  Now you can read information that is pertinent to you as a mother (assuming you are a mother...if you're not...think of someone you know who is), at a simple touch of your iPhone, or iPad...whatever device you have.  This is awesome information every mother should know.  I really enjoyed looking at it and it is formatted nicely....making it very easy to read.  I think you'll enjoy it!  Check it out!  Personally I have been fighting the no paper thing for awhile.  All of my books are still magazines are still paper...but recently, I've been asked to review things on my this magazine or a book, and I've actually found that I have enjoyed it!  No more bulky things to carry when you are headed to the doctor's fear of losing your place, or creasing the pages.  It's pretty cool!  Like I said, try it out!!!  And DON'T forget to enter the INCREDIBLE drawing that I promised to all of my readers below!!!  GO!!!!

One other thing I would like to point out...I really like the format of it.  I have it on my iPad.  I can flip through the magazine like I would a book....but when I get to a story I want to read, I flip up through the story as opposed to side to side like a book.  Does that make sense?  Once I've flipped up through all of the pages of the story I am reading, I can start flipping side to side again picking me up right where I left off before I started reading the story.  It is really neat.  I've never seen anything like that before.  Maybe I am just naive...but I don't read many magazines on my I thought it was pretty cool.

There are also advertisements and not just boring ones that you skip over...ones that actually catch your attention and are pertinent to mommies everywhere!

After further reflection on this magazine app, I would really appreciate anybody out there who is a mom to at least give it a looksie.  Just look at it and try it out!  What do you have to lose?

Don't forget to go to my other post and enter the incredible drawing for $100!!!


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