How was YOUR Thanksgiving?

 I trust that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!  I usually LOVE this time of of my favorites.  I LOVE the fall weather...I love the crackle of the fireplace with the crispness in the air.  I love family getting together...I love FOOD...I love DESSERTS...I LOVE is just a FABULOUS time of year!!!

With that said.....
my Thanksgiving was not what I expected this year......but I am still thankful....
I am thankful that when my van got broken into in my driveway sometime on the night of the 27th that no one was hurt and my vehicle was not stolen.  Does it absolutely STINK that I had close to $1000 worth of things stolen...yes....was it my fault for having all of that in my van...of course...but does it still stink...YES!  BUT....I am thankful that it wasn't worse....

I am thankful that we were able to spend a nice, quiet Thanksgiving here at home, with our good friend April, even though we usually go to my dad's house and spend it with my dad, step mom, sister and her family.  Due to two children with Strep....we were unable to go...but I am thankful that so one else has gotten strep.

I am thankful that we are so broke that I couldn't go Black Friday I got to sleep in on my birthday...Black Friday.  It was nice to sleep in.  If I had money, I would have been out shopping instead of sleeping in.  I am thankful for the extra sleep.

I am thankful that when we got the Christmas decorations out we were able to keep over half of the tubs we brought out of the shed, as the other half either had broken snow globes in them that molded all  of the precious memories inside, or mice made nests in them which seems impossible given how tightly shut they all were.  I am thankful that even though most of my husbands home made Nativity Set made by his Grandma was able to be MOSTLY all glued back together when for some reason most of them broke in half even though I packaged them the same way I always have.  I am thankful for Super Glue. I am thankful that when Jake stepped on another precious, breakable memory, that Super Glue was at hand...and he did not hurt himself.

I am thankful that when the stove that SAME night decided to shoot sparks at my husband, that nobody got hurt and the house didn't burn down.  I am thankful that he was able to fix at least 1/3 of the oven/stove and it is still somewhat usable. you can Thanksgiving/birthday weekend didn't turn out the best....BUT....there are still things to be thankful for....right?


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