The Extraordinary Art of Couponing Review AND Giveaway!

The Extraordinary Art of Couponing was written by a blogger mommy friend of mine, Nicole McDonald.  You can visit her blog at  After you've read my review....if you are interested in learning the couponing ropes, you can find her book HERE at  You will be SO happy you did!  Why?  Well...let me tell you why....

Have you done much couponing?  I have and I enjoy it.  I've saved SO much money it is truly ridiculous.  My kids have even learned that you NEVER pay full price for anything.  I used to find out what I saved on each receipt, and put that money aside.  That is the money we would "play" with....go out on dates, get something special, go on vacation, etc.  Somehow we got away from doing that, but it was fun to see exactly how much money we saved by doing that.  Honestly, it is silly to ever pay for anything full price when there is so much potential out there to save money.  

With that said, I love to coupon and find good deals...BUT....I am disorganized.  I know my system....but even my system can get a bit too chaotic for me!  Reading this book by Nicole McDonald, a Navy Vet MBA holder in Marketing, helped me to really organize and see where I could make changes to make it less chaotic and SO much faster and easier when I go to the store.  There were some instances where I would give up simply because I couldn't find a coupon in my mess of coupons.  Nicoles simple system has made my life so much easier and my shopping trips a little faster and less stressful.

This book is a super simple read too.  Only 70 pages long, but FULL of information!

Nicole gives you secrets of couponing, RESPONSIBLE stockpiling (not hoarding), tips for meal planning and recipes, WHERE to find coupons, how to save time clipping and organizing coupons, and ways to plan your shopping trip using coupons and how to get rock-bottom prices...even here.  I say even here, because you know all those couponing shows?  They are mostly all down south where the stores that let you double and triple your coupons are.  Some people don't even try to coupon here because they watch those shows and don't think it is possible here...but it IS!  And you CAN!

I don't want to give away all of her secrets....but I DO want to give away an autographed copy of her book!!!  But first...if you don't win a are some easy ways to get her book and information:

*The hard copy is only on Amazon....but you can get the Ebook on Amazon, Nook, iTunes and Smashwords.  They are $3.99 for an ebook on all the sites.  The hard copy is listed at $9.99 on Amazon, but sometimes you can find it cheaper.

*Nicole also teaches coupons, freebies, meal planning, advanced coupons and frugal fun with kids in the Omaha area at MCC, IWCC, home parties, public library, Fremont First State Bank and Trust and MOPS and church groups.


  1. Couponing is so much fun! I love to see how much money I can save and be creative!

  2. I coupon I buy used and I try to meal plan :)

  3. I stock up on items when I see them at really low prices, and I buy in bulk.

  4. I use coupons on pretty much everything and would love to learn more tips on saving, and to get more item for FREE! :)

  5. By couponing ofcourse! I also stockpile


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