Soda Stream NEW Flavors Review and Recipe

Soda Stream

Have you tried the Soda Stream yet?  Did you read my last Soda Stream blog post?  If not, you can do that HERE.  You can also see if Soda Stream is healthier for you HERE.

If you've tried Soda Stream....what do you think?  I have to honestly say, I LOVE IT!  First of is cheaper.  Of course your initial cost is more....but in the long run it is cheaper and better for the environment (no cans or bottles to throw out).  In many cases it is healthier for you as well.  And it tastes like the "real deal".  I am very picky about my soda are my children....but so far, everyone loves their favorite flavors just like the "real deal"!
 So, I was given this 12 pack of samples to try out and to try a new recipe.  This 12 pack sample box had Kool Aid flavors in it, Country Time flavors, and Crystal Light flavors.
 The recipe they sent me was for Sparkling Winter Punch.  VERY GOOD!
You need:
*1 liter SodaStream Kool-Aid Cherry Soda
*1 liter SodaStream Country Time Lemonade
*2 cups of Orange Juice (not included)
*(Optional) Garnish with orange slices and cherries
 First fill your SodaStream bottles with the appropriate amount of water.
 Carbonate it, and fill with the flavor pack.
 Then put them in a larger pitcher.

It was really very good.  I REALLY liked it.  It tasted like a normal party punch.....however even with the carbonation, it really wasn't very fizzy.  I think the orange juice must have caused it to lose its fizz.  It was REALLY tasty though!  My kids were all over it too!  They loved it.  

If you own a SodaStream, you should really try this recipe at your next get together.  If you don't own a SodaStream and would like to, make sure you go and pick one up!  I've seen them just about every where.  You could even check Amazon.

Comment below and let me know what you think if you have one!

*I was provided with a sample pack of SodaStream flavors in exchange for my honest opinion.  I was not paid for this post.*


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